Continuum Update


If you want to book for Continuum, do so before Tuesday as the price increases from 1st April. At the moment the prices are:

Registration for Residential Members: £20 (£35 from 1st April)
3-Night room (Fri, Sat, Sun) booking: £105
Single Night room booking: £40 per night

All rooms are extremely comfortable and en-suite. Each room has bed linen and towels, plus telephone and internet access. The rooms are grouped into flats of 6 rooms, with a large, airy, well equipped kitchen - great for impromptu gaming.

If you intend to come along just on a Day Pass, these cost £18 each per day and can be bought on the day or in advance.

What else can Continuum offer?

Superb range of games. We'll have the preliminary timetable up soon.
Great bar with Real Ales
Seminars and guest presentations: Glorantha, HeroQuest, RuneQuest and BRP
Pub Quiz and Ice Breaker events to get everyone into the con spirit

And, as Jeff Richard has recently noted on the 'New to Glorantha' thread, he and Greg are putting together the 'Cities of Dara Happa' book, filled with Second and Third age DH goodness, making it the ideal companion to 'Dara Happa Stirs'.

Continuum's noted for its friendly and relatively relaxed atmosphere. If you've never been to a convention before, its a good place to start, and we have a small army of Mentors who are there specifically to help newcomers get the most out of the con.

And if there's a strong enough Mongoose Publishing Forum presence, I dare say we could help facilitate a Mongoose Forum seminar so you can all get to meet each other face to face. Matthew and I will most likely be hosting a couple of Mongoose seminars during the con anyway, talking about the State of the Mongoose and what we writers are up to (I should be at work on Corum, so will talk at length about that, but also any of the other books and the writing process in general).

I really do hope to see lots of you there. PM me if you have any specific questions.