Constructing the White Star Gunship, where does this bit go?



I got one at the tourney on the 16th. I can see where the 2 'foreheadf' guns go, and the bridge part is a cinch, but where does the 'boomerang' bit go?

My best guess - below the forward hull, with the tips of the crescent touching the weapon nacelles, and the small upright section linking to the underside of the hull.

Just visible here...

Cap'n Silvereye said:
LBH building minis? :shock:

Nah he's most likely just examining the pieces out of curiosity. Once he's figured out what goes where he'll pack them all back in the box again :D
MT has it right :lol: ,

As for on the underside, the piece is a tad not wide enough to meet the upper 'wings' and no such underside is shown in the main pic on the Mongoose site.

I'm guessing Nomad has it right, the boomerang looks like it goes below. But yeah it does seem missing on the Mongoose pic!
Greg Smith said:
You may need to bend the upper wings down a tad.

Thought of that, but they are quite thivk and stiff, and my fingers are not so strong :lol:

Nomad, where did you get those pics, are those WS-Gs from the days of B5W?

B5W only had the "regular" Whitestar mini...I think there were two versions of the ship record sheet (prototype and production models).

But no WS-G.
LBH - My pic, my WSG, bought at the July open day, assembled and painted by me. Other photos at, 'Older Photos'.

Edit - here's an underside view


As Greg Smith said, the wings had to be pinched inward slightly to make a good fit.