Confusion over Force Blade



Ok, I have a few question about force blade, a power within the sorcery elder art.

-What is the maximum range for this power; line of sight? (and while we are at it, what is the max range for bolts from the wizards staff?)

-Can a 20th level dessi, with 4 magikal attaks per round (+20/+15/+10/+5) fire off four force blades per round?

As for Range I have no idea, but most attack spells and few others defualt to 120 ft, so it is safe to assume untill official word, that 120 ft is its range.

If it is like lightning hand, I believe you can launch multiple attacks with it in one round with your additional base Magical CS, but prolly need to spend the Willpower cost for each attacks independently.
The Official answer on the Wizard Staff range is 60' (See the thread "A host of Dessi Wizard Staff questions" in the Rulemasters forum if you want confirmation). As for Force Blade, I have no idea.
Correct: The range is 120 ft. No range increments; just 120 feet. The blades fade out at that distance.

Correct: You can generate up to four blades at 20th level (well, 16th, actually) with +20/+15/+10/+5 as your base attack bonuses. Welcome to the world of magical power. <chuckles>

Thanks everyone. Interestingly, I was comparing this power with the right handed spellblade-wind, in the darklands preview. Here is the skinny;

-Force blade costs 3wp/attack. (so 4 attacks in one round cost 12 wp)
-Blade wind costs 3 endurance only, even if the caster makes 4 attacks with it.

However, blade wind requires one standard action to cast; and can only be used in the round after the initial casting. The text does not say how long it far I think forone round only; but I could be wrong and it could be indefinate.

The damage for blade wind and force blade is around the same; at 20th level a right handed mage would do only 2 more pts of damage per attk than a dessi. However, blade wind allows a reflex save for half damage.
Force blade requires and attack roll; but allows no reflex save. Also, each consecutive attk with in, (even in the same round thenI presume) gives a cumulative +1 attk bonus to the next attack.

So I would say force blade wins! :)

(There was no point to this, except to show the superiority of the elder arts)

(The Tier III evil spell still kicks ass though ;)