[CONAN] Sorcerous Instructor feat from Hyboria's Fallen


So, I was looking at this feat today and was quite surprised to notice that there are no prerequisites listed for it. I mean, as printed, you don't even have to have any levels in Scholar to be a Sorcerous Instructor!

I figure this has got to be an oversight and was wondering what y'all think might work here (Vincent, if you're out there in the ether somewhere, gazing upon this forum, please feel free to chime in...I'd appreciate your input).

I was thinking that you should have at least a few levels of Scholar under your belt but can't quite settle on an actual number.

Anyone care to voice an opinion?

Also, I'm thinking that the +1 bonus should be applied to the ally's next Magic Attack Roll. As it's worded now, it's a little vague. Your thoughts?

Playing Devil's Advocate here...

Does a great football coach also have to be a great player?

Can't a fat, couch-potatoe instructor tell you how to eat and exercise correctly so that you lose weight?

Isn't it possible to know how to something that you don't practice yourself?


There are feats (like Dabbler) that give you the ability to use sorcery without being a scholar. And there are several demons capable of teaching sorcery, but can't use it themselves.