Conan RPG Signs & Portents Index


This is a list of all of the Conan material that has been published so far in the Mongoose gaming magazine Signs & Portents (S&P).

Excludes Previews and Reports

Conan Second Edition Material in Red

S&P Conan RPG Content to Date


S&P Issue

  • 6---------------------Of Chariots and Acheronians------5 pages
    7---------------------Solo and Duo Play------------------4 pages
    9---------------------The White Hand of Hyperborea ---6 pages
    10--------------------Return of the [Real] King----------2 pages
    12--------------------The Bandit-------------------------- 3 pages
    13--------------------Three Sides of the Coin------------4 pages
    14--------------------Sons of Anshan---------------------2 pages
    16--------------------The Kordavian Way-----------------3 pages
    18--------------------Riders of Tombalku----------------- 1 page
    19--------------------The Wilds of Hyboria------------------6 pages
    20--------------------Darkarra: The Spirit Eaters of Darfar--5 pages
    22--------------------Red Nails----------------------------- 1 page
    30--------------------The Martial Disciple--------------------5 pages
    34--------------------Stygian Spells--------------------------1 page
    41--------------------The Saami------------------------------5 pages
    44--------------------Noble Followers-------------------------7 pages
    50--------------------Healers & Gladiators ------------------7 pages
    53--------------------Monsters of Legend-------------------5 pages
    56--------------------Alternative Borderer Combat Styles ---4 pages
    61--------------------Pygmies of the Hyborian Age------------5 pages
    65--------------------Hyborian Age Monsters-------------------27 pages
    67--------------------Manly Games & Festivals-------------------5 pages
    68--------------------Man's Best Friend----------------------------6 pages
    76--------------------Piercing Magic--------------------------------3 pages
    77--------------------The Bloodling--------------------------------3 pages
    78--------------------The Underhanded Side of Sorcery---------3 pages
    81--------------------The Dagger - Every Thief's Best Ally---------3 pages
    83--------------------New Armour------------------------------------2 pages
    85--------------------Gambling - Turning Coppers to Silvers-------4 pages

Total Rules Pages=138


S&P Issue

  • 8----------------------Roleplaying in the Hyborian Age-----------5 pages
    11--------------------What's in a Name----------------------------2 pages
    12--------------------What's in a Name----------------------------2 pages
    18--------------------Refusal to Submit----------------------------3 pages
    70--------------------Ten Reasons to Leave Cimmeria-----------3 pages

Total Gaming Tips Pages=15


S&P Issue

  • 10---------------------Danger in the Westermark------------------6 pages
    17---------------------Plunderers of the Dead----------------------12 pages
    27---------------------Ghost of the Deep----------------------------9 pages
    37---------------------The Staff of Ibis------------------------------15 pages
    44---------------------Horror in Numalia----------------------------10 pages
    47---------------------The Vault of Thedipides---------------------12 pages
    49---------------------The Pit Where Mad Things Drum ---------12 pages
    53---------------------Temple of Tears ----------------------------16 pages
    58---------------------The Book of the Elephant (Part 1)---------8 pages
    59---------------------The Book of the Elephant (Part 2)---------7 pages
    60---------------------The Book of the Elephant (Part 3)---------9 pages
    68---------------------The Palace of Cetriss------------------------6 pages
    69---------------------Wine of the Gods-----------------------------9 pages
    73---------------------Bitter Oranges--------------------------------7 pages
    74---------------------Cimmerian Moons--------------------------------7 pages
    75---------------------Hunting the Falcon-----------------------------13 pages
    76---------------------Dead Eyes---------------------------------------6 pages
    82---------------------Faith & Blood aka Heretics of Tarantia------19 pages
Total Scenario Pages=183


S&P Issue

  • 21------Khemi: Ancient Spiritual Home to the Priesthood of Set---7 pages
    24---------------------Tortage---------------------------------------------- 5 pages
    26-----A Field Guide to Creatures of the Hyborian Age (Part One)-11 page
    27-----A Field Guide to Creatures of the Hyborian Age (Part Two)- 8 page
    29----------------------Xuthal------------------------------------------------12 page
    32----------------------Aghrapur--------------------------------------------10 page
    35----------------------Scenarios of Shadizar-------------------------------7 pages
    38----------------------Gladiators of Messantia------------------------------9 pages
    45----------------------The Scarlet Citadel-----------------------------------10 pages
    46---------------------Mount Yimsha-----------------------------------------10 pages
    52------------------The Ark of Delight -------------------------------------7 pages
    54------The People of the Felt Walls: Hyrkanian Steppe Nomads ----------6 pages
    62----------------------Wildlife and Monsters In Atlaia ---------------------------6 pages
    75----------------------Praise the Serpent - The Houses of Set ---------------7 pages
    81----------------------Barachan Isles ------------------------------------------7 pages
Total Source Material & Settings Pages=122


Rules/Races Pages =138
Gaming Tips Pages=15
Scenarios Pages=183
Source Material & Settings Pages=122

Grand Total of Signs & Portents Conan RPG Content =458 pages

Last Update: 10/2/10

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Thanks for the index. Ive been slowly picking up back issues but have put it on hold for the moment until I receive my copy of the compendium. S&P is a great mag but all Im really interested in is the Conan stuff so Ill hang on a bit and see what the compendium misses.


I've got a lot of the S&P Conan articles, so I wasn't planning on getting the Compendium when it came out. Now I see that there is some new material in the Compendium (a couple of new Adventures - The Children of Jullah, and The God in the Bowl). So maybe I will pick it up when it comes out. Plus, it may be nice to have them all in one place.

In general though, I've been pretty impressed with the content and writing of the Conan S&P articles.


Cool! Thanks LBH! :D

Hope it helps some of the new Conan gamers find the Conan Sign & Portents articles they may of missed. 8)


No Conan RPG material in Signs & Portents #40. Although there is a cool Lone Wolf adventure that could add some inspiration to a GM. 8)


The issues before number 25 were printed and sold at hobby stores and comic shops. You may find some still out there. The best of the S & P Conan articles from the non-downloadable S&P magazines have been compiled in the new supplement The Conan Compendium (TCC).

Here's a list of the Conan RPG articles available in the The Conan Compendium that are from issues 1-24 of S&P:

1) S & P #7---Solo and Duo Play
2) S & P #9---The White Hand of Hyperborea
3) S & P #10--Danger in the Westermark
4) S & P #12--The Bandit
5) S & P #13--Three Sides of the Coin
6) S & P #16--The Kordavian Way
7) S & P #17--Plunderers of the Dead
8- S&P #19 - Encounters (Wilds of Hyboria)
9) S&P #20---Darkarra: The Spirit Eaters of Darfar
10) S&P #21 --Khemi

Also, there is some talk on the S & P Forum of making the early issues available to download at some point. With TCC out selling now, I don't see that happening for awhile.


Bjorn the Barbarian said:
Thanks Strom for all your hard work on this.

Been out of touch for a while, so this listing will come in quite handy.

Thanks again. :)

Your welcome and welcome back Bjorn 8)

Glad the index is helpful. :D


Strom said:
Here's a list of the Conan RPG articles available in the The Conan Compendium that are from issues 1-24 of S&P:

1) S & P #7---Solo and Duo Play
2) S & P #9---The White Hand of Hyperborea
3) S & P #10--Danger in the Westermark
4) S & P #12--The Bandit
5) S & P #13--Three Sides of the Coin
6) S & P #16--The Kordavian Way
7) S & P #17--Plunderers of the Dead
8- S&P #19 - Encounters (Wilds of Hyboria)
9) S&P #20---Darkarra: The Spirit Eaters of Darfar

And the article on Khemi from S&P #21 as mentioned at the top of this thread.