[Conan] Just how powerful can you make the scholar?


Warning- some might argue that this isn't in Conan spirit (even that you can argue, reading some of the stuff in Howard stories) :D

Anyway, was wondering just how powerful can you make a scholar, using rules. Here are some of the options I thought of:

Debaucher feat-gives 1d6+Cha bonus+Corruption PP per hour, per corrupted target. For scholar with +6 Cha bonus, and 10 Corruption, its 17-22 PP per hour from a single commoner level 1 slave. And nothing in feat says scholar can't use several in same time (Derketo style orgies ftw).

Greater Warding- nothing says you can only have one on you, so scholar can use Debaucher to fill his PP, and cast 10 of those on himself, each overcharged with say 40 PP, to make himself mostly spell immune.

Dictate Fate spell- scholar can cast one on himself, with fate being for example "I shall live forever". Every time something tries to change that (say, somebody getting close to killing the scholar), the spell will alter reality to prevent that (as long as scholar has PP).

Save or die spells- like Invocation of Xuthalla or Draw Forth the Heart- add extra 50 PP, to make sure everything which faces the scholar automatically dies. Add Striking Cobra, and both Improved Initiative feats, to insure scholar can deliver those before his opponent can do anything.

Memories Of the Dead spell- level 20 scholar should have 90 or so max PP. If he uses all that on the spell, he can summon 17 or so ghosts. Repeat a few times, using Debaucher to fill PP between, to summon a city killing size army.

Ascension- summon Ishiti (demon lord goddess from Stygia), and ask her to breathe on you 3 times. Assuming scholar makes the Will save, and intentionally looses the Fort one, he is now a demon. Immortality, immunity to nonsilver weapons, as well as Manifest, should be nice. Also, scholar can use Heart of Flames spell to make himself immune to fire.

Assuming demon option isn't used, scholar can take Heart of Flames from Fire Magic style, and Summon Elemental from Summoning, meeting the requirements for Elemental Form- giving him Manifest for the cost of only 1 sorcery style, and 1 advanced spell.

Mysteries of Hathor and Seshet- if scholar knows sixth mystery of both, he can use those as unlimited fate points. Another nice thing is that he can use those offensively (to alter reality in small ways for his opponent)- and there is no save roll vs this option.

There are probably a few more that I forgot. And post yours :D