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I wonder why there are no online conan games on this forum with all the success it seems to have.
Perhaps one could be done up like the freeform one going on with Starship Troopers Fan Fiction forum.

Just make up a starting place, let players enter whenever they want and continue from there. The original poster can give some direction, but the players can move it wherever they like also. Players don't have to post, or they may post as many times as they like. No particular turns or anything like that. The main thing is to play your character within the genre as much as possible. In other words, it is up to the players to play the game as they feel Conan should be like, not necessarily according to fixed rules.
Well if can find a GM/DM and use an onlight sight like one listed below to display a character sheet. I donot see why one couldnot be started.

Here is what the DM sees and other players . I havenot quite fiqured how to display the character sheet in all its fullity. The DM has requested I not post my attributes as they really are so all you see is what the bonuses from my magic items are on my Attributes. Believe me their alot higher=)
lOOKED AT ALOT OF ONLINE CHARACTER SHEETS CAN PRINT THEM OUT AND SEND PHOTCOPYS THROUGH A SCANNER.But for people like me without a printer or scanner I found the above links best.

These are not all my Magic items just what effect attributes. If this character I have had since 1994 is going to brace the world of Conan in Mongoose
I can submit a list of magic items and spells to DM.

As well as all feats and skills.

As well as base attributes.

Now as Ad&d and Mongoose are simular but different can use this to help in generating a character sheet
Alot of leeway has been open to allow cheating . Even the spells on the link I provided are all player creations and not affiliated withWOTC.

a SPELL /ITEM and Starting attributes might have to be typed in PM to the Dm before useing the link to make an online character.

or the DM tells you how you start out.
Then open a Forums topic maybe even here in Mongoose on turn by turn results players add what they do . and DM types reults.

Be a long Forum so just look for your name. Unless want to read through possiably Hundreds of post.

or DO IT on something like Yahoo/Aol/Msn instant messenger.

Is How I play through, Instant Messenger or Neverwinter Nights game.
This forums has a section titled online games and list games. A Dm could open one for the CONAN Rpg.
and characters could use my links or their own to formulate an online character sheet.

Now if you visit those games DM has his own thread no player post on it.
where he tells the story.

and each player has their own thread where they tell the actions they take.

This is neat .Keeps from reading hundreds of forums you just open your private thread tell DM what your doing and read on the story.

Getting into a game like this requires your devotion though cannot play one week and be gone a month and then pop up again.

DMS may ask you to wait out until the next campaighn gets started.

I did notice each seperate campaighn has their own thread .
It is as if the Dm is writing a novel useing real peoples action to narrate it.
Everyone knows about these two sights but reposting here their viable sights for running a campaighn in Hyboria.

plus if you have the Mongoose or Gurps books you might have useful text for running the campaighn online. My view Mongoose blows gurps out of the water. I donot have the books but I have seen some of their text online.And I used to have Gurps Conan threw it away.

Cheap crap that in my opinion made Howards world suckay suggested it because might be some smart people out their and just uses bits and piecies of it in the campaighns maybe a monster or magic item.

dunno .I wouldnot suggest useing anything of Gurps but that is my opinion and I am trying to be open minded.

Here is the link to teamspeak tha last link I will post. This way players can tell the DM directly what they are planning on doing. This wont work for the hearing impaired players an if DM ignores them this can be for bad relations. So I have offered all the Help I can in this area. And would love to see an ongoing online game in Mongoose Hyboria.

But it is alot of hard work and patience . Now to see If a DM will do something heh.
I've developed a way to make a random roll from 0 to 9 using the system dates from the postings. You can check out my Forum RPG rules on the Off Topic General Discussion forum, if you like.
Well I donot see me being a DM so not wanting to buy a client license especially at running 40-60 dollars but if your group has room for a floater.
I would join in .

Joined the yahoo group anyway, just because it has something to do with Conan.
There are some Conan games takeing place using the FantasyGrounds software as well, although this too will run you a client cost just like the other product mentioned above($19.00 last time I checked).

My online Conan game starts tomorrow night, and I know there are two other Conan games going on using the same software. We have been running an Arcana Evolved game for months using FG, everyone has been very happy/impressed with the experience. A virtual tabletop really is a great option for online play. If your interested or want more info on my game/schedule etc send me a PM.

Excellent source for online character sheets too bad not a mongoose conan web sight.

Me at present not a conan character sheet but can be converted.