[CONAN] Challenge: lvl 20 scholar vs lvl 20 DnD wizard.


The challenge is simple: how to use a lvl 20 scholar, whatever pure or multiclass, to beat a lvl 20 DnD wizard. Now, I am well aware about lvl 20 wizard being autocannon with legs, but I happen to like Conan RPG, and dislike DnD, so lets try.

The usual way lvl 20 DnD wizard rolls is the following- use Greater Celerity (immidiate action) to get a free turn, during which wizard casts a Time Stop, then cast 10001 attack spells on the opponent while the opponent isn't even aware of anything happening.

Not sure whatever I prefer to use a pure scholar, or a Vamp (scholar/tempress multiclass). The following are the ideas that I had so far. Warning: reading might cause a heart attack to most Conan GMs :p

Use Striking Cobra feat before combat starts, to get a surprise round. Works vs regular wizard setup (assuming you don't have a DnD fun arguing about how Bluff doesn't affects PCs :p). Doesn't works if the wizard also got Foresight on, unfortunately.

If you do get a surprise round, traditional way would be Draw Forth the Heart. Unfortunately, wizard is most likely morphed into shape that doesn't has one (Shapechange).

Another would be to initiate War of Souls, and even if wizard doesn't has PPs to drain, and in a form immune to ability damage, to use scholar's Corruption 10 to get the wizard corrupted, mad, and possessed, in record time. Unfortunately, War of Souls is evil eye range, so doesn't works if wizard and scholar start 100 feet from each other.

Another way was to use Greater Telekinesis, combined with 15 PPs and 15 Kothic Demon-Fires, for a 75d6 damage attack. And to use a Fate Point, to make it a Mighty Blow, for a total damage of450. Unfortunately, doesn't works if wizard is morphed into uncorporeal form.

Another option, assuming Vamp, was to use a Outrageous Fluttery (tempress ability) during the surprise round, combined with maxed out Mastery of Derketo, +4 from Powerful Presence (vamp multiclass ability), and +8 bonus from Greater Demonic Pact brand, to make sure that wizard cannot attack the vamp. And to use Fate Point to reroll, if wizard still manages the roll. Then to use True Seduction (another vamp ability), to mind control the wizard after.

Another idea involves scholar's self augmentation. Scholar uses either Vampire Transformation, or becomes Ahriman's Mummy, then makes Greater Demonic Pact with Ishiti. Then negotiates with her to breath on him 3 times. He can deal with the Corruption, Will roll to avoid becoming Child of Ishiti should be easy enough, and scholar voluntary looses the Fort roll. Now he is changed to Outsider (Demon), and can use the Manifest ability to counteract wizard's teleportation abilities.

Problem with the last one is that wizard can still use Dimensional Anchor to make sure scholar sticks to one place. Its a ranged touch attack, but wizard can morph to a form with enough Dexterity bonus to make it hit.

Another problem is the Gate which wizard can use to pull the scholar to him out of any plane or location. One solution is to negotiate with Ishiti, to stay on that island out of space and time, where she sends those that displeased her, most of the time.

There is also Mind Blank, that makes wizard immune to mind effects and Divination.

One obvious thing would be to try and get a magical link to the wizard somehow. Unfortunately, wizard is most likely in a form without hair or body fluids, and stays most of the time in his personal demi-plane. Best that I could think of, was to use Gather Information to somehow find time and place of wizard's birth, then to use that, combined with The Hour of Your Birth, The Hour of Your Death spell, as a magical link.

On the side note, anybody remembers the name of that spell that, if used exactly at dusk or down, kills the target, with no save roll allowed?

Last is Silence, Fool! feat, to put the wizard into stun lock. Unfortunately, wizard is most likely morphed into form immune to Moral effects.

Anybody got any more ideas? Cannot think of anything else so far.


Death Touch. If the Conan sorcerer can get close enough to touch the D&D wizard, the spell will kill on a failed Fortitude save, or stun for 1 round even if the save is successful (so the D&D wizard can't act on his next turn, unless immune to stunning). Repeat until a save is failed. And its a fortitude save - not usually a wizards good save.

Voice of Power. If the wizard has less then 150 hit points, the spell will stun or frighten the wizard (no save for either) for at least 1d4 rounds. (The wizard would need to have a constitution of 20 to gets is average hit points above 150. IF we're generous and give the wizard a constitution of 14, that is still only an average of 92 hitpoints, meaning an automatic stunning for 2d4 rounds.)

D&D wizards are combat gods. They are meant to dominate in combat. Conan sorcerers not so much. Wizards have so many options available to them, they would be next to impossible to beat without similar abilities. A properly build D&D wizard has no problem defeating most D&D gods, let alone mortals. Just spamming save-or-dies would kill the scholar. The wizard has to be prevented from casting spells at all costs (hence the stunning effects above, with no save.) Then at least the wizard can't attack and can be stabbed to death. If you can't stun the wizard, the scholar stands no chance.

And even though their crap in D&D, blasting spells work wonders on scholars. Remember that scholars are limited to 10 hit dice, so have half the hit points of a wizard. A 20th level scholar would have 10d6+10 hitpoints, plus any constitution bonus. Thats only 45 hitpoints on average. A simple fireball does an average of 35 points of damage. Cone of Cold or Delayed Blast Fireball do 70 points of damage for the wizard. A maximized Magic Missile automatically hits, no save, and does 25 points of damage total. Disintegrate does 40d6 damage at 20th level. Thats an average of 140 damage (or 17.5 even if the scholar does save).

The scholar isn't going to have any real chance of defeating a D&D wizard in a straight fight. If the scholar can avoid a one-on-one confrontation, then its more possible.

However, there is an option if the D&D wizard is considered a "supernatural being". If the scholar can craft a bane weapon (similiar to Bane Knife of Khosatral Khel on page 273 of the 2nd edition core book), the scholar can cancel any spell cast by the wizard as a free action by spending 1 power point or 1 hit point, and can paralyze the wizard (with no save) for 2d6 rounds if the scholar hits him with the bane weapon.


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