Conan Campaign

Erik Growen

I have an outline of a campaign set up and was looking for any further ideas/ expansions/ et cetera. Here is what I have:

I have had the PCs start out doing the Pictish Wilderness campaign from Thunder River with a couple of additional adventures of my own stuck in and the adventure from the Messantia box set while they were enroute back to Aquilonia after an ill-fated attempt to land a force on the coast of the Pict lands. They have been sucessful in staving off the Pictish horde for now and as their reward for a few years worth of hard fought campaigning they are sent back to the capital to be given medals for their service. I will then run Heretics of Taraentia while they are in the capital city. If they are sucessful, they will be asked to go and find Conan in the Black Kingdoms (using the adventures found therein with the addition of finding Conan captive at the end of the last adventure and freeing him). They will travel back to Aquilonia and will be given lands and titles in the Border Kingdoms to try and set up some stability against the various incursions that pass through the region (a bit of a dubious honour). I will try to sneak in Tower of the Elephant here as they will need money to recruit mercenaries to their cause (by this point I hope to own the book for taking PCs from troopers to leaders of lands).

Returning with Conan from the Black Kingdoms, you may want to take a short cut through Stygia (probably in disguise !!!!) and make use of the STYGIA sourcebook.

Rumours of treasure in a lost desert city might inspire your PCs to investigate and have run ins with mummies or serpent men and maybe a rival Stygian Scholar treasure hunter.

A desert storm may bury the city and the treasure and the PCs could continue on through Shem and Argos to Aquilonia.

Newer supplements such as Ruins of Hyboria could provide side trip adventures eg a rescuing a fleeing Zingarian nobles daughter from the City of the Ghouls on the Argos/Zingara border.

The possiblities are endless.

I have picked up Stygia, but have not had a chance to look through it yet. I probably will go with your idea of 'short cutting' the PCs through it if there is some good stuff in it. Mummies, serpent-men and desert storms all sound like fun to me.

Fabled Pirate who had treasure buried in Pictland and supposedly guarded by spirits of the undead.
Well maybe some Stygian Hybrid has found a Map to the chest.Could lead them. Their and possiably lead to a different quest.