Conan: Atlatean Edition GM Screen


I think this is just a no brainer, so it's probably been tossed out there already, but this really could be an easy update and sell type of thing.

Anybody else for an up-to-date Conan: Atlatean Edition GM Screen besides me? Maybe 4 fold instead of 3?
No brainer! I would snatch it up in a heartbeat. When I'm not using my current Conan GM screen it hangs on my wall - excellent 'banner'!
Unfortunately, that's about all it's good

I could make one, but the idea of recreating all those tables without the true Conan font makes me ill - I'm far too pedantic.


I think the original was around $10-$15, adn I'd easily pay $15-$20 with a larger product with booklet insert.

Somthing to think about Mongooses...
Have to say, the two of you couldn't be righter.

Just how much of the current GM screen is invalidated by the changes, by the way?
Just posting my support for this idea. Would pay to get a new GM screen better than the current one.