Conan at Gen Con


I am enrolled in both conan games at gen con? Is anyone else here going to be there

12:00 PM The River Runs Red ---- Conan OGL d20 RPG

12:00 PM Conan: RPG by Mongoose

Also if mongoose is going to run a published adventure. could you tell us which so I wont read it.
Ymir! Crom! Forget GenCon, come to my game for Dragon*Con 2005.

Conan D20: Return to the Throne of Blood!

Last time we saw our brave heroes, they were knee deep in trouble in the haunted ruins of the city of Larsha in search of the fabled artifact known as the “Throne of Blood”. They met many horrors here in the ruins, some of which brought about the demise of their companions What other horrors still await them to unearth the fabled treasure of the ancient temple? Will they be brave enough to face Zarthos, the demon-god of Larsha? Remembering you made an agreement with the wizard Thaltos to bring him the Throne of Blood back in Shadizar The Wicked. Or will they risk his wrath and possibly their souls and take the Throne for themselves?

Pre-Register now!
bolen said:
I'd love to but classes have started by then.

Well Dragon*Con is Labor Day weekend, game sessions are Friday and Saturday. Not sure about GenCon, never gone to that one, way to pricey when I get in for free since I work on staff for D*C.

Anyhow, I'll have prizes thanks to Mongoose folks and perhaps something I'll buy myself for best roleplayer. I already got a nice little Conan letter opener sword that I might give out too as a prize.