Compilations almost done

I am NOT OGL savvey. If this not legal, please let me know before I release the finished works.


OK Guys and Gals, what I am doing is this.

All the feats from all the source books I have (THose in the core book not included), all the Combat Manuevers, all the spells, races, Classes, and some 4 pages of cheat sheets are almost done.

To some's dissapointments, the feats are the only things on the feat sheets. Skills and weapons are mentioned with a page number, so you will have to have the books.

What you get is in all in one listing. THe name, Requisites, and what they do (Abbreviated of course).

I will let you know when they are finished. Just a few more days and they will be ready.

Spells are not compiled yet. But they will be listed by the book.

Sample Race:

Race Cimmerian
Culture Barbaric
Rel igion Crom only
Features +2 STR -2 INT ▪ +1 Will Saves ▪ +2 Climb Checks ▪ +2 Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Survival Checks ▪ -2 Diplomacy, verbal Bluff ▪ Must worship Crom If they do not, they lose bonuses to STR and Will Saves
Background Skills Climb Move Silently Survival
Favored Class Barbarian
Prohibited Classes Noble, Nomad, Pirate, Scholar
Automatic Languages Cimmarian
Bonus Languages Nordheimer, Pictish, Aquilonian, Hyperborean

Sample Maneuver

Dance Aside
Dex 13
Opponents attack roll must be less than half of the dodging characters dodge defence
Dodger may take a five foot step and avoid the attack.
(Immediate Action)

Sample Feat

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Trident
Barbs ensnare victim if hit. Make Opposed STR checks to continue ensnare. Larger opponent gets
+4. Foe Wins: Act as normal with 1d4 additional damage. Fail: Stays in place. Twist for 1d4 more points. STR opposed test to break free.

Sample Cheet Sheet


1) Flat Footed (unaware)
No Dodge or Parry
2) Awareness (Spot, Listen, Search)
3) Inititiative
4) Initiative order (highest first)


Min 1
STR Bonus = Melee
Off Hand= ½ STR
Two Handed= 11/2 STR Bonus
Damage+ Over Weapon Normal, not multiplied
Sounds like a great resource, but just to cover yourself, let folks PM you to request it. 8)
This sounds really awesome. since now I would have something to give my players when they ask about what feats they could take.