Command Varients - My Humble idea for balance


The Command varients just are worth it at the moment apart from in huge games.

Neither is the G Quonth worth 2 G Quan.

The solution is to make them worth an extra skirmish or raid point. Ie the Command hyperion would be a Raid and a skirmish
Command Omega a Battle and Raid etc
The G Quonth might be a Battle and a skirmish or maybe a raid.

This seems to be simple and is already in use with the characters which add a minor ship level.
I like it.....adding patrol points to a cost (or allowing you to take an extra patrol point) would also give you the chance to "tweak" those other ships that don't quite sit easily in their points bracket.

(yes, that's you, Centauri battlecruiser variants. go and sit in the corner and think about what you did.)
I think this is a perfect way to move towards making more if not all ship choices viable, without going over to a completely point-based system.
It's going to make "translation" a huge pain though...

What with breaking up points all the time and keeping track of what you have spent and what is left...
You could just make a "Commander" available giving a +1 command bonus for a Skirmish FAP, +2 command for a Raid FAP and +3 command for a Battle FAP. You have to mount the officer on a specific ship and you only use the best command bonus (for ship or officer) available at a time.

Would that be a simple enough solution that also keeps splitting FAPs simple?
This is exactly my idea. Without going to a points cost this would allow ships to be 30% 50% or 66% better or worse than a FAP. Ideal for the upgunned varients or the command varients.