Combat Rules Questions / Comments


Is there a way that a person can move in/around a combat defensively so as not to draw a Free Attack? It seems odd that the only way is Charge into combat, and then you only do not take a Free Attack from who you are charging. It just seems odd to me that if someone is ready for you to move up to them, they always get a free attack. I'd have though that realistically you should be able to move up in a defensive posture and slower. After all there is a Fighting Retreat Combat action, why not a Fighting Engage Combat action?

Also, how much damage does a weapon take on a successful parry? I could not find any rule that gave any sort of answer? Is the obvious, any points of damage that are over the AP of the weapon? If so, I'd think you'd be breaking weapons/shields left and right in a combat. A war sword would snap in 4-5 hits (assuming a reasonable damage role of 6ish each time). That seems a bit fast. Any thoughts? Have I missed something in the rules?
It appears the only way weapons take damage is if they are specifically targeted by a precise attack. Incidental damage is not in the rules.