clark's earth


:idea: after getting FREE MARS it shows that we need book about the clark years on have players go to earth during that time should good poleplaying.
The Ministry of Peace has decided that such information is best kept under the care of the Nightwatch, you never know who might be under alien influence, right? :twisted:
that what i was thinking,nightwatch,ministry of peace,etc. would be outside a earthforcebook.
If a book was to be done on Nightwatch, MoP, etc., it would have to focus on the political side. Psi Corps could be thrown in as well, and maybe some bits on the Shadow infiltration of Earthgov. It would make for an interesting supplement. Maybe a combination that had a bit on the Minbari civil war from Season 5 as well? Hopefully some sourcebooks will come out on little seen bits of B5 lore. More on the League! Free Mars was excellent, perhaps a bit on the other Earth colonies as well?

*begs and pleads for rulebooks on everything*

Hrm, maybe I was channeling LBH just then... :p
that's good because you'd get arresting dressing like the.

Got non- free Mars book. Lots of good information,. loved the propoganda section and the decripsions of the domes includeing vacant ones.
Arresting- as in stop traffic, casue people to stare. Not arrested - taken in for a "friendly" chat by the local law enforcement people.
LoneStranger said:
Sure ya can LBH, you just need the army to handle things instead of the cops.

No army could take on a Vorlon and win.

"You cannot win this war through force, you must understand you way out of this."

Understanding your way out of something is alright but I'm in a hurry so here's what I need to understand............

"Nuclear Launch Detected"

(bonus points if you remember that one)