Clark Asthon Smith: Zothique



Anyone adapted D20 to this setting? Or another gamesystem?

Can Conan D20 be easily converted for use in a Zothique campaign?

Are there any Zothique or Poseidonis resources available?
I've always used CAS' Hyperborea setting as a part of the Conan Mythos. It is definitively a Cthulhu Mythos setting, but in the great and far past. I placed it coeval with Kull's time, with the modern Hyperboreans are actually descended from Aesir, Hyborians, and Elder Hyperboreans (whence comes their strange magics). Plus, several copies of the Book of Eibon can be found in my Hyboria.

Zothique, though, is a bit too far off in the future to otherwise affect my version of Hyboria.
Anyone interested in trying to convert Conan to the Zothique setting, or wanting to try with standard D20 may want to check this out;