Cimmerians in Solomon Kane


Banded Mongoose
Today I read the Solomon Kane-story "Moon of Skulls" in the Delrey-edition.
The background is about a forgotten city in central Africa, that is a remnant of the Atlantean empire. The city wasn't destroyed in the cataclysm and could preserve high culture and imperial ambitions long years, but finally the original Atlanteans degenerated, mixed with their "Negro" slaves and were overthrown.
When Solomon Kane leaves at the end of the story, the last Atlantean is dead and the city is destroyed by an earthquake.

This means that the city is a real power in the Hyborian Age, settled by people which are blood brothers of the Cimmerians - in the deepest Kush / Southern Kingdoms!. Even the physical description of the Atlantean race fits the Cimmerian one in the Conan-stories.

See I an exciting adventure plot? Something original REHian, that for most players is new even if they know all Conan-stories of REH?

Would it be legally possible for Mongoose to produce such an adventure (Solomon Kane-license etc.)?

Besides: this isn't the only Solomon Kane-story taking place in Africa. GMs who are looking for ideas for Kushite adventures should go for Solomon Kane!
Read yesterday the last Solomon Kane story: several African adventures which are easy to adapt to CONAN. All have the same "pushing" feeling like REH's CONAN-stories, some are even better imho.
Yes, they're must-reads for anyone looking to GM the Black Kingdoms. Same is true of his Middle Eastern stories for Hyrkania, James Allison stories for Nordheim, Bran Mak Morn and American frontier stories for Picts, etc.
Agreeing with a Dale Rippke's article, Negari could had been an island in Conan's Age. So, I and a friend of mine wrote a tale called "Negari - A Ilha da Morte" (Negari - The Isle of the Death). This Conan's story is placed shortly after the events of "Conan the Buccaneer" and can be found in