Check out this new action/horror novel!


Hey Folks,

A close friend of mine has just had a novel published.

"...And Hell Followed With Him" by Paul Christopher.

It's an almost ecclectic mix of action and pulp horror. His writting is influenced by HP Lovecraft, old Pulp novels, such as The Shadow, Robert E. Howard, and even Mike Mignola's Hellboy (to name a few). It's a very enjoyable read and, if you have the cash, you should check it out.

I'm posting this info here because, it's a book that folks on this forum may enjoy. I'm trying to help him get the word out about his book (in what small ways I can). He funded most of the publishing out-of-pocket, and I'd love to see him, at least, break even (especially since, like the rest of us, he's not got alot of extra cash). The company who published it isn't able to put much effort into publicity. It can currently be viewed at

Follow this link:

It's only available in softcover and the price is around $15. It can also be purchased as an electronic edition (as a pdf file) from Amazon for about $6.

Thanks for your time,


15 bucks for a 200 page softcover book seems a bit pricey :?


Anonymous said:
15 bucks for a 200 page softcover book seems a bit pricey :?

Of course, each to his/her own. The publishing company sets the price, I'm sure. If there's one thing that I'm willing to spend money on, it's books.

I'm just trying to help him get the word out. If anyone gives a suggestion or a head's up on a new author in the sci-fi/horror genre trying to make a name for themselves, I try to support them by purchasing their book (especially if they are paying their own money to publish and being paid almost nothing by the company, unless the book makes any profit).

Thought others might be interested in this book for the same reason.