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I love those little dudes. One problem... THEY HAVE NO PURPOSE EXCEPT FOR BEING HIT MARKERS!!! So, because I think those guys are awsome enough, I came up with their stats:

Type value size move close combat target save kill traits
Chariot 1 / 1 / 10" / 6XD6(see 4) / 1+ / 2+ / 3+ >

Traits-climb/6"/independant/carry(see 1)/+1"/scout(see 2)

1- Carry: A chariot's main purpose is to carry slower arachnids such as brain bugs and plasma bugs. The maximum number of chariots to carry an arachnid or other things(such as MI troopers(see 3)) is judged by the size of the object X2(a brainbug's size is 3 so the maximum amount of chariots needed is 6)A carry action requires the first action to ready, the second to move or stay put.

2- scout: chariots have also been known to be pesky expendible scouts. this gives them the abilaty to be independant. The scout abilaty allows the chariot to command any arachnid within 20"(givin their weak psychic abilaties) and will draw these arachnids(even if they have completed 2 actions) to the area of the chariot, with their normal move distance, if desired. Also, since a scout is normally stealthy, every first turn a chariot has does not trigger a reaction.

3- Carry(MI): Bassically, they can capture or kill(see 4) an MI trooper.(M-1A4 Cap Trooprs or MI Light Trooper only) It will require 2 chariots to carry a single MI trooper. This is mainly for "brain food", captureing people to put out of command, or random carry away from important areas to arachnid infested areas. Take notice that on a chariot's second action while carrying an MI, that MI or others within their reaction range may make a shoot action only to get off the chariot on their own.the first carry action must be a ready action, the second can be a move or stay put.

4. 6XD6? UNFAIR!: not true. Chariots are weak in attack strength, so a roll of 6XD6 is fair because you are really likely to fail. When "attacking" you have the choice (if rolled right) to kill a MI or carry(see 3) one. How the 6XD6 rule works is you go by (except if you get a natural 1, then its an automatic fail) the ammount of the right roles versus the wrong roles. example, you role your 6XD6, you get a 3,5,4,6,4,4- the ammount of roles above the target roll are higer than the ones who dont. if you were to get a 2,3,3,4,5,2- you wouldn't get the target because there are more rolls that didn't get above the target roll. If you get a tie between the two, re-roll.

That is all you would need to know about the kick ass chariot