character personality


Is there any online resources for character personalities, some sort of list. Likes and dislikes, personality traits that sought of thing :lol: :D

ICE's old (and out of print) Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP) Game had an excellent listing of role, personality, motivation, and alignment traits. If you can pick up a copy of it or download it, it could provide a good resource for what you are looking for.
This is one I put together to give a rough and ready guide for NPC's.
It is, in the main, derived from a system that the late Tony Bath devised for his wargame campaign back in the 1960's.
Interestingly, Tony Bath was a wargamer who was instrumental in the early post war years of wargaming. His forte was Ancients wargaming and as the backdrop for his campaign he used Hyboria! His book, Setting Up a Wargames Campaign, is a fascinating read and he had a lot of articles in the old Battle for Wargamers magazine in the '70s.
To use this system, just deal from a deck of ordinary playing cards as it says. Cancel out any opposites and note the results.
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1. Decide name. Deal card for age
Heart: Young, Diamond: Middle-aged, Spade: Old, Club: Aged
2. Deal seven playing cards. First card is overall nature, value of card indicates strength.
Heart: Good Nature, Diamond: Love of Wealth, Spade: Ambition, Club: Love of War (male); Patriotism (female)
2. Read next six against chart to give character.
Joker Hunchback or cripple. Two Jokers, insane
Ace Spade/Club Disloyal intriguer
Heart Exceptional good nature
Diamond Loyal intriguer

King Spade/Club Energy
Heart/Diamond Courage

Queen Great lover

Knave Spade/Club Unreliable, oath-breaker, liar
Heart/Diamond Merciless, Revenge-prone

Ten Loyalty, absolute in Diamonds, grading down through Hearts, Clubs, Spades

Nine Physical Beauty except Spade, which is Ugliness

Eight Spade/Club Cruelty
Heart/Diamond Generosity

Seven Spade/Club Personality
Heart/Diamond Jealous of Family Honour

Six Spade/Club Laziness
Heart/Diamond Charm

Five Spade/Club Wisdom
Heart/Diamond Cunning

Four Spade/Club Stupidity
Heart/Diamond Cowardice

Three Spade/Club Bad temper
Heart/Diamond Good temper

Two Spade/Club Arrogance, Pride
Heart/Diamond Merciful

3. Deal card for Religion: -
Diamond Fanatical
Heart Devout
Club Sceptical
Spade Atheist