Chance factor: The rule of the dices!


Hi, I wonder, do you roll dices to see how many hit points you gain? Or do you use the method for NPC? D10=1st lvl 5, 2lvl 6, 3lvl 5, and so on. One of my firend wish to use this method instead of rolling the dices. Samething for the ability score. Do you roll? I know there is a method in other D20 games where you can buy instead of rolling. Personally I like to roll. I don't know, it's more organic! Some are stronger, others are weaker, that's the rule of the dices! Ah! The thrill of rolling! I think it's more alive when everything is not control by a mathematical partern. Comment please!

And more generaly, want to you think of the chance factor(the fact that we use dices) in RPG?
Traditionally in my group we use the forlowing method:
-the player and GM both roll once and the player keeps the higher roll

Other methods I like:
-player rolls once and if he rolls lower than half he gets half (ie: 5 on a d10)
-players get a flat 1/2+1 HP for their HD (ie: 5+1=6 for a d10)
-players get max HP for their HD (good for high-power games)
-the player can choose to roll or instead spend a FP to get max HP for that level.

In the conan game I play in we simply roll dice as they are.

The guy who wants to have a set ammount should be allowed to do so if the GM wishes, but I would have him always take one amount of hit points.. 5 for 1d10HD, 3 for 1d6HD etc. But also allow any player to take 5 hit points (for 1d10 HD) at any level they attain BEFORE they roll any dice for hit points, chopping and changing to suit your character seems very munchkiny. If the GM allows them to choose after hit points are rolled he may as well just give everyone maximum hit points per level (hit points of small european countries await).

To be honest i wouldn't waste a Fate Point on something like a Hit point roll, it kinda seems a waste. Unless you have dozens of them.

The way I look at it, hit points have been placed in the game as a random element, to show some characters have more hit points than others, some more than average.
Roll 4d6, drop the lowest roll. Do this for each stat, then let the players distribute them as they wish (or, if you're cruel make them roll each stat one after the other).
The PC's get the max number of hit points at first level and then live by the die roll. Luckily - or not - no one has been upset by their rolls. Personally, I would not allow a fate point for a re-roll on hit points but I have allowed them for a re-roll on an attack
As for attributes our GM allowed us to roll 4d6 and discard the lowest result, and put the scores where we wanted.

I personally use this method too when I GM other D20 or D&D games.
For scores we use 4d6 and drop the lowest one. For hit points we roll the die and use that number. Occasionaly our gm might give another option for those characters who is highly combat oriented and have a lot of experince from combat.
When rolling for hit points upon leveling, I allow the player to reroll the die ONLY if he rolls a '1'. I'm willing to give my players this one small break 8)