Centauri republic factbook

Satai Delenn

Another question which may have been already been answered but here goes I noticed the narn book on the list for Feburary but what happened to the Centauri will it be out any time soon ?Thanks for any replies .
In the point of no return thread Matt said that the centuri book was still waiting approval, that was jan 9th. unforunately the Narn book would probably be late also. darn the narn book is the one i'm waiting on :)
Actually, I'm looking forward to both the Centari and Narn books.

I have a number of PCs and NPC who are either Centauri or Narn. I'd like to know how close I came in creating them.

its the B5 curse everyone.... unfortunatly it plegues everything B5... we had hoped due to the fact that the DVD's come out ontime the Curse had been lifted but unfortunatly we where wrong :( and honestly every single B5 D20 book i have seen and Own was worth the wait.... so yet again we sit and wait.......
Why are you sitting and waiting?

Obviously, you are one of those people who thinks their glass is half empty.

Play the game!

We have far more than we had at the beginning of last year.

And now, we have a wealth of material in the pipeline.

HAPPY! :) HAPPY! :D JOY! :p JOY! 8)

umm..... sid... you missed my point intirely man...... All i was saying was that we sit and wait for every book to come out about a month late... and yes I am in a B5 game...
I understand your point. You're looking forward to the next book.

They come out later than you expect so you wait and drool for the next feeding.

Take whatever date that's announced and add 3 months for the B5 curse.

If all goes as it seems to be, you'll have your book a month or two before the date you figured.

Would that make you feel better?

If not, how about Mongoose resetting their projected available date so that all their B5 books came out before the advertised date?

I think you are like a child before Christmas (can we say Christmas here? PC is such a drag), who can't get to sleep waiting for Santa to come. Time seems to D-R-A-G on. Seconds are like minutes, Minutes like hours. Hours like days.

And then when you get to open a present! You are really happy! :p

But, only for a moment as you look for the next one. :cry:

Enjoy what you have and make the most of it TODAY.

Tommorrow will be here soon enough as will the next book. :D

Have fun,

Another way to look at it, is that MGP have in a short time produced some very good quality material and are still producing compared to CEE who only produced a screen and 2 books then went where?
...and into many remaindered bookshops, to be sold for a pittance.

very true, i only wanted it to fill out my B5 collection and because i enjoyed the ship combat system it used. :D
ZenOrac said:
As far as B5 products are concerned "Expect me when you see me!" :lol:

They do get there in the end though, which is what counts, and its almost never a delay that Mongoose had any power over to affect more importantly :)
I agree with you, Neo. Also, to be honest, I prefer that a little extra time be taken to put out a better product, rather than rushing it and it being awful. :)

Bear in mind also, please, that it could be also be a lot worse.
The preview copies of the Centauri Republic have arrived at the office.

It is even better than the Minbari Federation Fact Book :)

I'll get you guys an update on its arrival at our warehouse. . .
<looks excited>

I was really, really hoping that would come out all right. I was so ill for part of the book's writing that I could have typed "Giblik zoofle weng" seven hundred times a page and not noticed.

Then again, that would have been caught in the edit, so we all good. :)