Centauri fleet list - Dilgar Wr era

Da Boss

As usual lots of ideas - Had a play with the Centauri and made what I hope will be a interesting variant for the era - changed quite a few of the ships - especially the capital ships - and removed most of the beams. Put the Maximus back to how I used to enjoy it - self indulgent but hey! Added my support ships and remade the Dargan into a strike ship for the era. .............Made a different Demos............as they seem to be around then...........

probably just rubbish but enjoyed doing it :)

The Centauri Republic – Fading Glory

At this time the Centauri Republic is in turmoil – Emperor Deraini has just died, perhaps through poison and the Great Game of politics and intrigue is at its height as the houses attempt to establish a pecking order. The Narn still grow in power and eye their ancient oppressors with envy and barely concealed fury and the Gorash Star System has once again proved a flashpoint.

The Centauri fleet of this period has fundamental difference in its make up with far less of the unreliable battle lasers and confidence in the sheer weight of firepower they can bring to bear. Captains of larger ships such as the Primus or even the gigantic Octurion treat themselves as mobile fortresses. With heavy weaponry on all sides, and defensive turrets and fighters ready, these metal giants can sail carelessly into the centre of an engagement to draw a portion of fire away from the more fragile hunting ‘flight packs’ circling the outer edges of a conflict.

Fighters like the Razik and the newer Sentri are rarely used for ship targets due to their woeful lack of punch. Great dogfighters and quite agile in the hands of the right pilot, they are terribly fragile and cannot withstand much damage. Against superior opponents, either in size or skill, Sentri wings are little more than annoyances that keep an enemy’s sensors clogged with random blips of information. Clouds of Sentris can theoretically hinder larger vessels, but most captains know this to be rare and would much rather save the pilots for a better use later.

The Centauri Republic Fleet List

The following forms the entire fleet list for the Centauri Republic.

Priority Level: Patrol

Breaching Pod Wing (4 flights)
Haven-class system patrol boat (2 ships)
Kutai Class Gunship
Razik Wing (4 flights)
Sentri Wing (4 flights)

Priority Level: Skirmish
Corvan-class scout
Demos-class raider
Maximus class Frigate
Maximus-class system defender
Vorchan-class warship

Priority Level: Raid
Altarian-class destroyer
Balvarian class carrier
Centurion-class attack cruiser
Magnus-class destroyer
Sulust-class escort destroyer
Taldaria Class Explorer
Virlisi Logistics Ship

Priority Level: Battle
Dargan-class attack cruiser
Primus-class battlecruiser

Priority Level: War
Octurion-class battleship

Flights of smaller craft may be purchased separately and used as units in their own right.

Some ships are noted as carrying one or more flights of fighters on board. One or more of these flights may be deployed as normal at any time before or during the battle and do not cost anything extra – the cost of these flights is included in that of their parent ships.

Any ship carrying one or more Sentri flights may replace any number of them for Razik or Breaching Pod flights. Breaching Pods swapped in this way will carry a Troop from the ship – they do not include Troops of their own in the way Breaching Pod Wings do.

Rutarians may be purchased separately, or may replace up to four Sentri flights as a single Patrol choice.

Centauri Republic Fleet Special Rules
The following special rules apply to all Centauri Republic fleets.

Fighting Narn:
Guardian Array
Mass Drivers:

Centauri Republic Initiative: +3

Altarian-class Destroyer Raid

Breaching Pod Patrol (Wing)

Centurion-class Attack Cruiser Raid
A relatively small ship for its class, the Centurion has earned its reputation for swift, deadly strikes in hostile territory in its more than three hundred years as a design. The Centurion is equipped with the venerable matter cannon that the Altarian, a similar vessel, also carries. The Centurion masses more firepower than the Altarian, but it is not as long ranged and so has to settle for brief skirmishes rather than lengthy campaigns.

Speed: 10
Turn: 2/45o
Hull: 5
Damage: 35/8
Crew: 38/8
Troops: 4
Craft: None
Special Rules: Anti-Fighter 1, Jump Engine
In Service: 2202+

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Matter Cannon 15 F 10 AP, Double Damage
Ion Cannon 12 F 8 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 P 6 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 S 6 Double Damage, Twin-Linked

Corvan-class Scout Skirmish

Dargan-class Attack Cruiser Battle
The Dargan is designed with for swift assault -built on a classic Centauri hull, the Dargan is fast and carries enough firepower to make its lighting attack runs matter. A heavily armed cruiser, it is often in the first wave of ships to penetrate enemy space but can also be found acting as commerce raider, usually in concert with Demos class ships.

Speed: 14
Turn: 2/45o
Hull: 5
Damage: 40/10
Crew: 44/11
Troops: 3
Craft: 2 Sentri flights
Special Rules: Agile, Anti-Fighter 2, Jump Engine,
In Service: 2228+

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Battle Laser 18 F 4 Beam, Precise
Matter Cannon 15 F 8 AP, Double Damage
Ion Cannon 12 F 10 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 P 8 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 S 8 Double Damage, Twin-Linked

Demos-class Raider (Vorchan Variant) Skirmish
An update of the Vorchan, the Demos features a lighter, but more flexible, weapons fit. It is used primarily as a commerce raider, though it is fully capable of facing larger warships when organised into squadrons. The Demos is a favourite among young nobles looking for quick opportunities for glory, and is often used by Centauri privateers.

Speed: 14
Turn: 2/45o
Hull: 5
Damage: 19/5
Crew: 24/6
Troops: 1
Craft: None
Special Rules: Agile, Interceptors 1, Jump Engine
In Service: 2220+

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Ion Cannon 12 F 4 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Light Ballistic Torpedoes 20 F 8 Precise, Slow-Loading, Super AP

Haven-class Patrol Boat Patrol
* You may purchase two Haven patrol boats for one patrol slot.

Kutai-class Gunship Patrol

Maximus System Defender Skirmish
The later incarnation of the Maximus is designed to act as a fleet defender, shielding the capitial ships of the republic from enemy fire. The original version was a durable and well armed brawler, easily capable of engaging superior number of raiders and which proved its worth across the expanse of the Republic and beyond.

Speed: 10 Turn: 2/45 Hull: 6 Damage: 16/5 Crew: 18/6
Troops: 1 Craft: none
Special Rules: Agile, Anti-fighter 1, Atmospheric, Interceptor 1,
In Service: 2150+

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Ion Cannon 12 F 8 Double Damage, Twin Linked
Twin Particle Array Turret 8 T 4 Twin Linked, Weak

Magnus-class Destroyer (Altarian Variant) Raid

Octurion-class Battleship War
The Octurion is a massive vessel, the largest in the Centauri fleet, and serves many roles. It is a mobile fire base, a planetary bombardment ship, a command centre for an entire battle group, and anything else its firepower and auxiliary systems will support. An Octurion present in an area automatically makes it the fleet’s command ship. It is rare to see two Octurions in the same sector of space, but when it occurs the highest ranking commanding officer’s ship maintains seniority. The latest version of the venerable battleship has new long range torpedoes to engage enemy cruisers at range.

Speed: 6
Turn: 1/45o
Hull: 6
Damage: 70/18
Crew: 85/24
Troops: 8
Craft: 4 Sentri flights
Special Rules: Anti-Fighter 3, Command +2, Interceptors 2, Jump Engine, Lumbering
In Service: 2202+

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Ballistic Torpedoes 24 F 10 Double Damage, Precise, Slow-Loading, Super AP
Matter Cannon 15 F 12 AP, Double Damage
Matter Cannon 15 A 4 AP, Double Damage
Matter Cannon 15 P 8 AP, Double Damage
Matter Cannon 15 S 8 AP, Double Damage
Ion Cannon 12 F 16 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 A 6 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 P 10 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 S 10 Double Damage, Twin-Linked

Primus-class Battlecruiser Battle
Second only to the Octurion-class battleship, the Primus is a testament to the might and power the Centauri once wielded in the galaxy. One of the strongest front line vessels found among the younger races, Primus battlecruisers mount devastating batteries of Ion cannons, permitting them to engage almost any enemy with a good chance of victory.

Speed: 8
Turn: 1/45o
Hull: 6
Damage: 52/12
Crew: 65/15
Troops: 8
Craft: 2 Sentri flights
Special Rules: Anti-Fighter 2, Command +1, Jump Engine, Interceptor 1, Lumbering, Shuttles 2,
In Service: 2195+

Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Heavy Ion Cannon 15 F 16 AP, Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 A 10 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 P 12 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 S 12 Double Damage, Twin-Linked

Razik Light Fighter Flight Patrol (Wing)

Sentri Medium Fighter Flight Patrol (Wing)

Sulust-class Escort Destroyer Raid

Taldaria Class Explorer (Balvarian forerunner)
Taldaria Clas ships are now very rare in the Republic, with little interest in expansion or exploration, the few remaining ships are found almost exclusively in the fleets of House Hessius and interestingly House Kodiro. The Royal Navy long ago converted its Taldaria’s into Balvarin class Carriers but the original design still retains a substantial fighter escort, but has numerous shuttles and advanced robotic probes to allow exploration of unknown worlds.

Speed: 4 Turns: 1/45 Hull: 5 Damage: 44 / 10
Crew: 55/12 Troops: 4 Craft: 4 Razik Flights,
Special Rules: Anti-fighter 2, Carrier 2, Interceptors 1, Jump Engine, Lumbering, Scout, Shuttles 2,
In Service: 2195+
Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Ion Cannon 12 F 6 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 P 4 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 S 4 Double Damage, Twin-Linked
Ion Cannon 12 A 4 Double Damage, Twin-Linked

Virlisi Logistics Ship Raid
The process of becoming a "Lion of the Galaxy" forced the Centauri to make some early realisations - one of these was that logistics, while unglamorous and boring, was an absolute necessity. The Virlisi Logistics ship is just that, unglamorous and boring in its un-Centauri like bulk but vitally necessary to ensure the Republics war machine remains effective.

Speed: 4 Turns: 1/45 Hull: 4 Damage: 58 / 16
Crew: 62/18 Troops: 2 Craft: 1 Razik Flight,
Special Rules: Anti-fighter 2, Fleet Auxiliary, Jump Engine, Lumbering, Shuttles 2, In Service: 2208

. Weapon Range Arc AD Special
Ion Cannon 12 F 6 Double Damage, Twin Linked
Light Ion Cannon 8 P 6 Twin-Linked
Light Ion Cannon 8 S 6 Twin-Linked
Light Ion Cannon 8 A 6 Twin-Linked

If a Virlisi takes part in a battle and is still in play at the end of the battle it generates 6RR, which can be used for repairs only; any unspent RR following the repair phase is lost.

Vorchan-class Warship Skirmish
A few things I don't agree with their DB....

You include "Guardian Arrays" but no ship has them...

The Demos is a new ship, not something from the Dilgar War.

The Balvarin is a fairly venerable hull though

I also see the ballistic torps as a newer weapon myself

And the Dargan suddenly able to dodge seems really wrong

Sorry but not too keen myself :(

Da Boss

Hmm thats why I put it up......... :)

Demos - is it new or not - I have seen it mentioned in things to do with Dilgar war?

Balvarian seems to be post war - is it older?

Torps - hmm yeah know what you mean but just taking the beams of the Octurion and you give it ..............? hmm not sure?

Dargan - yeah thats probably wrong - maybe just give it Agile............

any better?
well the current Balvarin is 2237+ but older versions existed. 2192+ in SFOS

The Demos is 2260 and of course wasn't seen until season 5, so I'd stick with the Vorchan

The fluff for battle lasers puts them as a weapon originating from the Orieni war so quite old. I'd leave them in

I like the idea of the Dargan being *new*, never liked Mongoose's "old hull, new stealth ship"