Centauri Air Shuttle Stats?


I am looking for stats for the Air Shuttle; the ship which Londo, Draal, Delenn, etc. took down to the planet in A Voice in the Wilderness Part II.

A picture is provided in the Centauri fact book but I am not sure whether stats were provided or not.

The Centauri Shuttle in the Corebbok (A real mad picture) ist not the Airshuttle, its realy the Scarab Shuttle (Centauri book page 150).

So, i missed the stats for the Minbaristation from the Minbaribook page 133.

And as the last, i missed a copule of real civilian/commercial ships for the Centauri (Passengerliner, freigter etc.), in my eyes, the Lias is a little bit small, maybee...

Yeah, the stats in the Core Book definately seem to resemble those of the Air Shuttle, though 2 things kinda threw me off - 1) the picture of the shuttle isn't the air shuttle its the "Scarab", which I always assumed it was a non-atmospheric vessel and 2) I didn't think the Air Shuttle was armed.

So, if the stats in the corebook are the Air Shuttle, where are the stats of the Scarab?