Catspaw: new fantasy, sword and sorcery webcomic!


Since I've done some artwork for the Conan license for Mongoose, I thought I would shamelessly plug a new venture.

Announcing CATSPAW. A weekly installment webcomic written by John C. Hocking, writer of Conan and the Emerald Lotus. Illustrated in color by Storn A. Cook.

Catspaw is a tale of swords, sorceries and deadly intrigues. As Talene, a young ambassador from a powerful nation, is thrown to the wolves in the streets and courts of the world's most powerful and corrupt city.

Hosted by Flashing Swords, the pre-eminent sword and sorcery e-zine on the web. Come dip your paw in the adventure that is CATSPAW!

Dear Sword and Sorcery readers:

Page 8 of Catspaw did go up on Wednesday, but I've been on the road and only got time to get to the keyboard to bang out this update.

Come check it out!!
Ashigaru said:
I like it so far, but the one-page-a-week schedule is killing the pace of the action scene, IMO.

Hey, I understand. But it is all I can afford to do. We are not charging anything for it (I don't think there is a market yet for online comics for my stuff... hoping to build that). These pages take time. And they take away from paying work.

If enough donations came in to make it worth it... I would increase to two pages a week..


We are up to page 9. The fight continues and finally ends. Plus cool links to John C. Hocking's other short story tales set in the same world on the "back cover" page.

Click on the Catspaw link at:
I've got two announcements.

One: I have a table at Gencon, booth #4 in the Art Show. I'll have plenty of originals for sale, as well as some prints and various promo material. C'mon by!

Two: The latest Catspaw, the fantasy webcomic, page is up! Chapter 2, page 2 is the latest. We had some technical difficulties yesterday and we apologize for it.

Haven't updated in awhile due to Gencon and a move from Michigan to Ithaca, NY. But pages (except for Gencon week) have been quietly going up.


A new Catspaw page went up today! We are up to Page 6 in Chapter 2. Things are about to get really tense as the chase for the assassin is leading to some unknown destination.
thanks guys!


Page 7, Chapter 2 of Catspaw, the full color fantasy webcomic is up. Just where is that assassin going?!?!?