Card Game: When does Clone reappear?


When a Troubleshooter dies, the manual says that the TB effectively loses a "turn". Does that mean that the replacement will still participate in this current mission? When I first read the manual, I thought that dying kicked you out of the mission and you "returned" at the start of the next mission (making missions go faster), but then we thought "Turn" meant then next time you played cards during the Card Phase, but then this kinda made the "Survive" missions a little silly since rarely was someone "dead" when the mission completed...

The Troubleshooter misses a Turn and the Clone arrives in the following Turn OR at the start of the next Mission, if the Mission ended in the meantime. In this case, the Troubleshooter isn't present in the Mission Debriefing or Internal Security Investigation Phases. The Clone loses all Wounds and Treason tokens, but retains the same hand of cards.

Oh? So even if the TB had successfully completed the mission requirements, he/she does not receive the rewards? (and conversely, would not receive Failure rewards either).

Correct. If a Troubleshooter dies and a moment later the Team Leader ends the mission, then that Troubleshooters clone neither receives rewards nor suffers for his Treasons.

Just to add on to what Paul said the following is the rules clarifications that I plan on including in the expansion set:

When a player loses a clone during the Card Play phase, they skip their next turn and then reclone at the beginning of their following turn. If there is no following turn (because they Card Play phase ends) they reclone at the start of the next Mission Determination phase. Players who die during the Mission Debriefing or Internal Security Investigation phases also reclone at the start of the Mission Determination phase.

Dead players do not participate in the Mission Debriefing or Internal Security Investigation phases.

Dead players may not play Action cards, use Secret Society Abilities or otherwise influence the game until they reclone.

Dead players do not lose any Action cards or IOU Award tokens when they die.

*NEW* -- Dead player may not be the target of any card or action, and do not participate or receive Success or Failure results in the Mission Debriefing or Internal Security Investigation phases.
A followup, if the player is dead and during the round his turn was "skipped" and a card is played that affects ALL troubleshooters, such as Tactical Genius, does that player whose clone is still "running back to the game" recieve the wounds/treason tokens?

Hrm, this is a good question in general. Does this mean that ALL effects simply don't affect the clone until his next turn? I.e. he's not there, so he cannot be affected by treason accusations, etc. And on the flip side, he cannot play any Play Anytime cards?