Card game rules question


Player A has had Lie Detector Bot played on him, and as a result has some cards revealed in front of him, and some cards unrevealed in his hand.
Player B now plays Hand Flamer (or some other card like it) that allows him to take a card at random from Player A's hand.
Does Player B get to turn his cards over, in order to create a new sense of randomness, or not?
The reason I ask is that we were playing the game today, and Player A only had two cards - one revealed and one unrevealed. Is it truly considered choosing a card at random if you just take the one unrevealed card from his hand?
Or, because there is the chance that when picking a card at random, you would get the card that you already know that Player A holds, he should be able to flip it over in order to mix it with the yet unrevealed card?
Thanx in advance
Well the card isn't Hand Flamer and I couldn't be bothered reading the entire deck to find which one it is, but the answer is pretty easy.

The text of "Lie Detector Bot" states that the cards that are turned face up must remain face up until the Mission Debriefing phase, therefore they can't be turned over.

If you want to make it random, have the player taking the card close their eyes and the player who's hand is being pilfered laly his 'secret' cards face down, then have the other player pick one by placing their hand on a card.

Of course perhaps the intent of Lie Detector Bot is to give the card pilferer an advantage in picking a card 'randomly'.

Or just house rule it the way you want to, that's what you do in the RPG :lol: