Card Game: Expansion coming out?


Other than the slew of questions I had, the game was pretty fun and I did notice that the faster we played the more frantic and enjoyable it became. I was wondering if there were any plans for an expansion to the game?

The one thing that seemed missing from the game was Secret Societies. I know there's a card that lets you "join" a SS and draw 3 cards, but that feels like a last-minute way to handle SSs. It really seems like you should have a Secret Society card, like your Security Clearance card, that is maybe hidden from other players and does a special ability once you reveal it (and also maybe get a Treason token too, since only Traitors belong to Secret Societies). And then the Secret Society card maybe lets you change societies.

Just something I'd love to see in an expansion set (and of course more Missions and more Action Cards).

There are plans to do an expansion set. Actually I've already completed it and sent it in to Mongoose for tweaking and ultimately publication.

The premise of the expansion is each mission (hand) you receive a "Secret Society Assignment" card that is kept face down in front of you. If you complete your SS Assignment you receive "X" number of IOU Award tokens.

For example, here's an especially difficult SS Assignment card:

Bold Declaration!!!
Assignment: Immediately turn this card face up so the other players can see it. Tell the other Troubleshooters that you belong to a secret society. Receive enough Treason tokens to make you a Traitor. Survive until the Mission Debriefing phase and not be a Traitor when you get there.
Success: Receive 5 IOU Award tokens.

What do I do with these Award tokens after I get them?
Excellent question, Citizen.

Each player has a secret society membership card. In addition to the spiffy description and artwork, each card lists three possible uses for your IOU awards. For example:

Description: Smash The Computer and its corrupt capitalist lackeys! All power to the Infrareds!
1 IOU – Play during your turn. Redistribute Wealth: Collect everyone’s hand. Shuffle them together and deal them back out in any manner you desire. All players must receive at least 1 Action card.
2 IOUs – Play during your turn. Indoctrinate Real Good: Give every player (except you) enough Treason tokens to make them Traitors.
3 IOUs – Play anytime. Fight the Power: You determine which player(s) attend the Mission Debriefing phase and/or Internal Security Investigation phase.

These action may not be cancelled by Action cards so my goal is to minimize timing issues and to give each player greater control over their fate. That said, since SS Membership cards are kept face down you can never be quite sure of what another player is capable of.

In addition I've added some errata for the base game, a few rules changes to streamline play, and a new secret society "The Assemblers".
Excellent! This sounds like a great expansion. Can't wait for its release.

Question, does that mean we would not use the Change SS cards?