Canucks in Battlefield EVO?

Just how large, numerically are the Canadian Armed Forces?

Legitimate question as unless they have a reasonably large numerical presence, I would think it unlikely to be present in the current projected lineup of forces.

The point is that even though they're small, they always pull above their weight. Heck, even when we did have numerical presence (WWII), we get ignored or lumped in with all of the Commonwealth, even though we were there as our own country with our own unique equipment.

BF: EVO would do well (IMO) to include Canadian Units, particularly JTF2 and the coyote scout vehicle...

-John, very tired of converting his own units all the time.
As I understand it, Canada will be an early new army for the game. They will have all their real world equipment and a special rule "Oops! Not in the budget!" After deployment, every unit has to roll to see if the always turbulent military budget covers it.

In tournament play, they suffer from "Crap! The ______ are getting the credit!" which sees victory points shared with an allied army.

This is less restrictive than the French rules which require their point total to be based on a percentage of the total European commitemnt. However, even if they are unable to field an army because of a lack of other Euro armies, they can still compete in tournaments thanks to their "No, really, it was all us" rule which sees them try to take credit for what everyone else does, including their enemies.

All of these national rules pale in comparison to the US Army rule of "We're the G-- Damn ****ing US of A" which lets them get all the victory points for allied nations (except Poland, which benefits from the "What about Poland?" special rule.)
You know, I could live with that as long as we got figs.

I am wholly unsure if I should laugh or weep because of this... o_O

indeed. at this moment, Canada is one of the larger contributers of Ground Forces in Afghanistan(2200 troops plus 600 other personnel, only germany actually has more troops on the ground)) and is in charge of the Multinational force operating in the southern half of the country

That's not bad for a nation with pretty small force. Canadians have been involved in almost every UN and most NATO Actions in recent history. ther is no reason to not expect then to play some part in conflicts over the next 10 years. Plus, hte current government is actually putting money back into hte military right now.

That, and if they actually released a Canadian army, they might actually give thier games a boost overall. SST is slowly dying in canada. Canadians often feel that companies undervalue candian market(and, for a business perspective, perhaps rightly so, since we have a smaller population and therfore a smaller market). But that sure doesn't help sales. doing something like releasing even a single fireteam would go a long way to really opening up canadians to thier games.

Never underestimate the effect of making a group of people feel like tehy are not forgotten. as an example, CoD3 will probably have a boost in sales in canada when it comes out, because part of thier game will follow a canadian unit in the invasion of normandy. it will be the first CoD title i will own becasue of that.
To answer a previous question, the Canadian Forces have an overall strength of 64,000 Regular Force personnel and a 27,500 member strong Primary Reserve.

And I think it would add a lot of important flavour to BF: EVO to include Canada as a distinct force.

While the CF have been the neglected bastard child of global militaries for decades, in the last few years they've really started to turn it around.

Our special operatons group, Joint Task Force 2 is regarded as one of the world's finest elite forces.

40 JTF-2 Operators were sent to Afghanistan in December 2001. Since then JTF-2 Operatives have been at work closely with other Special Operations Forces such as Delta Force, the SAS (both British and Australian), and the German Kommando SpezialKraefte.

JTF-2 is known to have provided surveillance and strike teams for Task Force K-Bar in the war against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. For its service in Afghanistan, Task Force K-Bar, in which JTF2 members took part, was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation (US) in 2004.

In the current mission in Afghanistan, the Coyote LAV has been performing so well the Taliban have actually had to scramble to get larger guns to pop the beast.

Our nation's slowly returning to it's hard-charging, dirty-fighting, punching above it's weight ways and the Canuck fans would go wild to actually play thier own army in a miniature wargame.

(Some parts stolen from Wikipedia)
FlyDog said:
Our nation's slowly returning to it's hard-charging, dirty-fighting, punching above it's weight ways

I thought that was just in hockey.......

Seriously though it would probably be a good move to make alowances for a lot of countries, but lets see the game of the ground first. I certainly wouldnt mind seeing different rules for the major (and some minor) EU countries, as i think the British, German and French differ a great deal too much to be baked togeather under one banner so to speak.

But my main contender for a fifth nation would be mother russia under one guise or other.

It would be nice to see the Canadians. There WILL be more forces in the future, that's pretty much been confirmed. Just waiting to see who and where they fit. Sounded like African Warlords, US Army, and IDF were the front runners.
Thanks FlyDog,

The info you provided certainly helps put the Canadian Forces in proper perspective. I had absolutely no idea what numeriocal size the Canadian forces entailed. I was aware of the ongoing funding issues, since well before the Avro Aeronautics series of political decisions.

I am all for their full inclusions in the forces picture. I mean come on, the First Special Services Brigade was a mixed Canadian and US unit, with the Canadians being the better trained troops going into the Brigade's founding. Those people were some of the finest elite forces on the Allied side in WW II. :D

I am a Redneck but I have great regard for the Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders. I will not use any national nicknames as I know some people from each country intensely dislike the various nicknames.

I was born in Oklahoma and have relatives you do not call Okies, because they will react most agressively. They have been known to slam would be hecklers against a wall then hold them against said wall by their throats. A little too agressive for my taste.
Well yes as others said canada has a large ground force and all.

I would definatly love to see canadian miniatures, I'm getting so tired having to convert minis to be canadian, and it usually is from american to canadian :? . Infact my forces end up being half canadian half anzac.

I don't mind being called a canuck, or whatever you guys can comeup with. But as you've said, anyone that agressive for being called by a shortened name should get some licking or something else. I believe that as to be very wrong and immature.

I'd like to see canada as their own army, not just some platoon sized thing thats an add-on to american forces or something like that.

But anyways can't wait for some canadian troops to blaze some urban trails and beat back some invading arach.... err aliens hehe...
rico's roughnecks said:
I don't mind being called a canuck, or whatever you guys can comeup with.

So if I called you "American Lite" it would be OK?

Canada, all the advantages of America without the animosity.
Lane Shutt said:
rico's roughnecks said:
I don't mind being called a canuck, or whatever you guys can comeup with.

So if I called you "American Lite" it would be OK?

Canada, all the advantages of America without the animosity.

Except, of course, the Stanley Cup. That's all ours, baby!
It would be interesting to see the Canadians.

I'm fairly sure South America will be represented as well. Admittedly their tech can be rubbish, but it would be interesting to see them as a faction.
Well I guess the thing to do is get lots of like-minded people together and pester away, as that's the best way Mongoose can know what will sell well as their next faction once the first four are established :)
To be fair yes.

Would a lot of players play Canada? How much distinct equipment would they need? Would Mongoose consider mail order only armies of limited appeal (Canada, Australia)?

I suppose a what if campaign where the US decide to crush the Canadian menace would be a possibility, as would Canadian international deployments.

It would most likely come down to a popularity contest, and I would lay money on Russia being in front of Canada.
How about some kind of "UN Task Force" that could group a lot of other countries together under one umbrella? That way there could be at least a squad or two plus a vehicle available for a number of countries that would otherwise get left out, and it would leave room for expansion later (think how the League of Non-Aligned Worlds worked in ACTA, as a single fleet box in the beginning and expanding out into individual ones later)
I recently learned that, as part of the Evo background, Canada is no longer a nation. Quebec seceeded and defeated the Canadian army in a brief war. With the country split in two, and a large damages payment to Quebec, Canda was no longer a viable nation. The rest of Canada are US territories. You can play a US army and claim it is all Canadian, though.