Canon minbari warriors

Having just read the Minbari Factbook, I though I would apply it's section on fleet ranks to a specific ship, as it is part of a fan fiction i am penning:

Sharlin-class War Cruiser Trigati c.2246-2259

The Trigati is described as a "flagship cruiser", and so it's commanding officer, Sineval, would seem most likely to be a Shai Alyt (not to mention that in Points of Departure Sineval is described as "one of our warleaders")

When Sineval commits suicide, his executive officer Kalain takes command and takes the ship into exile. We see Kalain in PoD, and his rank insignia shows that he has 24 years experience as an Alyt. Therefore he is most likely to be an Alyt'sa, as he was probably jointly Sineval's XO and the Trigati's captain. Not to mention the fact that he wouldn't have been eligible for any promotions!

Also in PoD, we meet Deeron, who introduces herself as Alyt. We can't see her rank insignia, and so I believe that her rank is actually Hiai'sa, and that she is the Trigati's XO. The reason that she introduces herself as Alyt is because she is entering a combat situation, her captain (Kalain) is off-ship, and so she is acting as Dur'Alyt. Of course, once Kalain is dead, she could become Alyt'sa, but not for very long anyway, judging their plans.

Just wondered if you guys thought that this wrings true, or if any of you have a better take on the ranks/positions displayed?
It sounds right on. I don't think that you missed anything that was shown in PoD so there's nothing I can really use as evidence that your chain of thought here is wrong.