Can you delay some of your actions?


I am thinking of a situation like this: you are engaged in combat, you take a full attack action, so your only action left is a 5' step, which you can take right after your attacks, but could you delay it like this: say when my opponent attacks me, I'll step back, ending out of his reach, and he wastes his attack. He can follow with his 5' and keep attacking, but you ruined his first attack. Could you do that?

You can affect your initative in two ways: Delay and Ready

When you delay you choose to hold your turn until later in the round. You may do nothing before you delay. At any point later in the turn you may choose to stop delaying and take your turn however you may not interrupt anothers actions with a delay. You may now take your full turn as normal. Your initative now becomes fixed at the new initative count.

You may ready a single Standard, Move or Free Action on your turn. Readying an action is itself a Standard action. You may use your move action on your turn before you ready an action but if you do not then you loose it for the round. Your ready action interupts the action of whomever triggered it and your initative now becomes fixed at the count of whomever triggered the ready action and you go immediately before that person.

So the best you can do is to use your Move action and save your Standard action by using the ready mechanic. You cannot use a Full action and save the 5-foot step (since Ready requires a Standard action) nor can you use your Move and then "delay" your Standard - if you Delay you must Delay your entire turn not a part of it.

Hope that helps.
Alrigth, thanks. I don't have the books right now, so I couldn't check.

It seems you could delay your move action then and ruin someone's round of attacks against you.
I think you could ruin someones attack by readying. You can set a trigger that you move away if someone comes within 10f of you. Now you can move away without the attacker getting an attack on you. This assumes that you have enough speed to escape the attacker.