Can anybody help identify which B5 season this episodeisfrom



Hi all,

I am a fan of babylon five but where I live they have only shown upto a certain season and not beyond, they have not shown any since.
I would like to buy the dvd's so I can finish watching the series but I do not know which DVD's to get.

So far I have seen upto where the shadows are being introduced into babylon 5 and I think the vorlons have disappeared. Also there was scenes with emperor looking out and seeing city destroyed.

Sorry if this is not much info , as coverage is very poor of this program and always on at different times.

I would really appreciate if someone can identify what season I am talking about so I can buy the rest.

The Shadows started to make their presence known in Season Two, appropriately named "The Coming of Shadows". The Vorlons would be absent apart from Kosh (who doesn't show his faceplate that often)

However, it sounds like the scene with Londo getting a glimpse into the future with Centauri Prime burning is from Season Three ("War Without End", Part One).

At a guess, you're two thirds of the way through Season Three (possibly having skipped a few vital episodes, too), but if you'd like to explain a few more things you've seen we can probably place it more precisely.
The shadows being introduced was in the second season. The vorlons didn't go away until the 4th season. And then they left with the shadows and the rest of the known older races. There were at least three Emperors though-out the series. One of which being Londo, who was the last during the series. Londo was the one watching out the window of the "Primus" as it bombarded Narn. And I do believe the conquest of Narn occured in episode 20 of the second season.

I hope this helps! :)
Thankyou both!

That has helped, I must at some point through season three, as it cant be season 4 as Aramanthus mentioned the shadows disappear. Last episodes I was watching the shadows are still present and that story line was building up. There were some small battles with shadows but I think more was to come.

Now you mention londo it is a bit clearer as I remember a scene with someone (i think londo) looking out of a balcony and seeing a city on fire and being bombarded. Only happened for a very short scene.

I did miss a few episodes especially around this time due to it always being put on different times. So that could account for me thinking that I had not seen vorlons for ages as mthomason said only kosh was about.