Campaing links


I've recently purchased the 2nd Ed B5 rules along with Cold Equations and the Ragged Edge.

Initially I'd planned to start the characters off at the beginning of the 2nd season with the above adventures. However I was wondering if it's worth purchasing Into the Cruicible and integrating it as a second story line.

Anyone played Cruicible and Ragged Edge that could shed any light on whether the two could feasibly be run in parallel or at least partially overlapped? Can Cruicible be played at anytime during season 2? Or is it mainly set near the back end? I read a post that stated it's set more or less between 2nd/3rd season?

As I've not yet received the Ragged Edge and don't own Cruicible I've no idea how much each relies on B5 or other worlds nor the timeline, so any ideas would be appreciated.