By the book: A most interesting battle.


Just played through Castle Death last night, and I think most of my group ranked it up there with Fire on the Water and Shadow on the Sand for overall enjoyment.

The highlight:

Having been thrown into the Maze with no weapons (thus being sans Sommerswerd, Dagger of Vashna, Rune Spear, Jewelled Maces et al), the group, after retreating from the bouncing bubbles to the left and the flame men to the right, finally decided to risk it and grab the sword on the slab (Poor Quality, -1 to hit and damage).

Emboldened, and with little option, they tried their luck against the bubbles, popping them with ease with their new found sword. Crossing the invisible bridge was achieved before the Invisible Whipmaster had a chance to complicate things. Then, they spotted the Oudagorg heading towards them.

The sword was quickly handed off to the Sommlending Knight, while the Border Ranger, after some difficulty, convinced the knight to hand over one of his gauntlets, just as the beast was upon them.

So, our knight charges in with his rather pathetic sword, the Border Ranger - armed with his single gaunglet - manoeuvres around for a flanking position, the unarmed, unarmoured Telchos Warrior does more damage to himself than the beast with several of his fire effects, and the Kai Lord hangs back and engages in psychic combat.

In the end, the creature was taken out without too much difficulty, but the way the group was forced to completely re-evaluate their strategies was quite enjoyable. As was the obvious excitement every time in the next hour or so that they managed to claim a dagger, battle axe or shortsword from a fallen foe and eventually re-arm themselves.


A good evening/day - its always nice to take people away from those things they've come to rely on and see how they react... :twisted:


Aye, I wonder though...what if you had a dessi with a wizards staff? Would that have been taken away, or would the enemies have said Its just a quarterstaff. Let him keep it.... But what if they had seen it in action prior to the pc's capture?

Oh and is borderlander ranger a custom class?


Well, given that it was taken from them by Lord Zhada, a fallen Dessi I believe, methinks he would have known what it was. In any case, I would have taken it anyway, it certainly suited the circumstance to take anything that could be used as a weapon.

What would have made things less interesting would have been the Brother of the Crystal Star player attending the session, as he would have remained at full efficacy.

Yep, the Border Ranger is a custom class, which can be found here:

Winter Wolf

It sounds like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing. :)

I was telling the story of Kazan Oud to my son last week he is only six so I tell the story without the book. I have to say that this kind of oral story telling is very useful for developing GM skills and would recommend it to anyone with children.

I thought at the time it would be a fun RPG experience. I would be very interested in hearing how you handled Lord Zhada and the effects of the Doom\Lore-stone combination.