Burger's ship viewer (ACTA)

Thanks! That's always been a very useful resource for ACTA.

The link doesn't seem to work, it tries to redirect through the Mongoose forum and ends up with a combination of the Mongoose URL and yours. It's easy enough to copy the URL, paste it into a browser and get to the site, but for convenience, let's see what happens if I put explicit "url" tags round it:

Oh, thank goodness! We’re still battling at least once a quarter and I would struggle to build fleets without your wonderful site!!!
So, after 1 year my domain name provider decided to deactivate my domain name, replace the website with an ad for themselves, and now want to sell the domain name back to me because apparently after 1 year they've decided it's suddenly got a "popular" word in it. What a scam. Well I suppose I should demand my £0 back...

There's now 2 domain names: http://www.ibisfightclub.ml OR http://www.ibisfightclub.tk
If one doesn't work, please use the other. Since they try to charge me after a year, I need to keep swapping between the 2 TLD's to keep one active :D
Ship viewer has just had a major overhaul, and change of URL which will hopefully stay active from now on :)

It is now on https://acta.great-site.net

Changes include:
  • Starting a fleet is now done by viewing a ship on the standard list, then clicking the "Start a fleet" button at the bottom.
    • You can then add more ships using the menu at the top.
    • The menu also has a tick-box to include fighters in your fleet sheets or not. This should add all fighter types that are assigned to ships in your fleet (but not Drakh raiders).
  • Dilgar War, Darkness Rising, 2e and Armageddon all now work the same way, and should be compatible with all the same features as P&P.
  • Switching to the old-style sheets is also done with a button at the bottom of the ship sheet rather than a separate link from the main menu.
    • You can switch your entire fleet to the old style sheets from the fleet menu too.
  • Anything red can be clicked to modify:
    • Ship name
    • Crew quality
    • Swap missile type
    • Swap out fighters / raiders
    • Remove ship from fleet
    • These modifications should be done when your fleet is otherwise complete and ready to print, because they aren't saved
  • Don't worry: the red parts, the buttons, and the header/footer will not be printed.
  • If you get an error you get a free random Koshism. (y)
Please do let me know if you find any bugs / problems!
Hi Burger, Edge will not load your lovely ship pages, can you fix please? Android is working fine.
Seems like a problem with the host - it's been up and down a bit lately but it's working again now.