Bugs for MI

Will you trade your bugs for MI or vice versa?

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I've always like bugs since the movie Aliens and have been wanting to collect and "alien/bug" army for some time.

I have purchased the game along with 2 boxes of warriors and 1 hoppers, and am planning on getting . I was planning on trading the MI for Bugs, with another player in the area who wants to focus on MI. Im sure many people have done this.

What I wanted to know if you guys think it would be a good idea to do this or save them for possible opponents to play with. And, is this enough warriors to start with?

I live in a small gaming community right now, (Palm Springs, CA) though I can travel pretty readilly. I thought i might want to keep them incase I needed to coerce, someone else to play against. If this is a good option whats the best way to fit out a small MI force so they don't get bored with it, or feel they've been handed a !@#$ army.
I always have a hard time finding opponents and SST isn't taking off in my area. I'm gonna need to have both forces to get ppl into the game.
you need mi ,, as some spare ones meen you can do conversions and mess bits up..ooopsyyy...

and you can never have enough bugs... you realy cant.
So far I have bought 5 game boxes. I have traded away 16 marines because you don't need that many...It's the bugs you can't get enough of.

I also plan on making hoppers out of the bugs...i will be posting some pics probably tomorrow.

WOW 5 boxes !! thats some serouse buying there... and i thought i was mad for getting 2 !!! and considering a 3rd !!!
I have been waiting for this since I first saw the movie. I was big into GW then and went out and bought a tyranid army...however I do not like playing 40k. It is truly like playing yahtzee with $500 worth of minis. So any way, I want to see 100 bugs on the field and thirty marines.
I'm gonna use my bugs to play 40k as well. A whole army of leaping, rending claw equipped Tyranid Warriors!
I was thinking of that too. Then I read a couple of posts here and it reminds me of why I want to try out SST so bad, 40k is like yatzee with 500$ armies.

But, honestly I think I will try them as bugs if I can't find anyone to play, need another enemy for my DW too.

I thought about using the MI as an IG army, but I have 2: one fully unpainted, one mostly painted, and one that was stolen, Ithink thats plenty, None are Canadiians sot the SST figures wouldn't match. It would be nice if I could somehow translate my SM armies into something in SST, but I think thats unlikely.