British Isles Traveller Support at Conception


BITS will be at Conception from 30th January to 1st February. We'll be running all five scenarios of the Project 1112:In Search of Angels, as well as some classic BITS scenarios, all using Mongoose Traveller. Or at least what's been published in the playtest files. :)

Our aim is to have at least one games of Traveller running in every slot throughout the con. We've got five (and a bit) referees on site to bring some of the best Traveller games at a UK RPG con.
Do you have a schedule of which mods will run in which slots worked out? I'm just putting together my Conception play schedule and would like to play the five mods in order.
I believe we're ironing out the last few bugs in the list, though if you check the Conception website, you may find they are already up there.

- Neil
(the 'bit' of a referee mentioned previously :) )
Takei said:
Do you have a schedule of which mods will run in which slots worked out? I'm just putting together my Conception play schedule and would like to play the five mods in order.

The schedule should make it easy for you to do play the scenarios in order. But if you do have problems, let us know and I'm sure we can find an extra table somewhere.


(also a BITS bod)
Thanks Neil and Dave. Nothing's appeared on the Conception site yet but I'll be checking back regularly. My local groups have been busy with other games so the chance to give Mongoose Trav a good workout is very appealing.
Here's what I believe we've supplied to the con organisers:

Slot 3 (9am-1pm) In Search of Angels
Slot 4 (2pm-6pm) The Rock
Slot 5 (7pm-11pm) In Search of Angels

Slot 6 (9am-1pm) The Rock
Slot 7 (2pm-6pm) Ice Works
Slot 8 (7pm-11pm) Scenario Four

Slot 9 (9am-1pm) Ice Works
Slot 10 (2pm-6pm) Scenario Four
Slot 11: 7pm-11pm) Scenario Five

Slot 12 (10am-2pm) Scenario Five

- Neil.
And here's the accompanying "blurb":

Adventure 1 - 'In Search of Angels' starts with the characters recently mustered-out after the Fifth Frontier War and cooling their heels at Adabicci/Lunion in the Spinward Marches. Following a job offer they travel to Olympia/Lunion where they find the ship they are seeking lying crashed in shallow water. They recover the ship and are offered a job taking it back to Mora, trading along the way. Of course, nothing ever goes completely smoothly…

Adventure 2 - 'The Rock' takes place entirely in the Zaibon/Lunion system and starts when the players' ship receives a mayday call from a stranded belter. Following a lead from the belter and some sensor readings takes them to an apparently abandoned mining station where the baddies are hiding out.

Adventure 3 – `Ice Work' is set in the Derchon/Lunion system, a dismal rockball with no redeeming features. The characters stumble upon an attempt to steal a hand computer which has information leading to a hidden treasure. No, it's not Treasure Island in space, but there might be some opportunities for swashbuckling, zero-g style.

Adventure 4 - `A Ghost from the Past' is set on Lunion/Lunion and gives the players their first glimpse at what is going on behind the scenes (although they may be too busy to make sense of it immediately). The characters are relaxing and taking in the various delights of startown, but enemies they don't know they have are closing in and they have to find out what is going on and how they can get away. Fortunately, after the events of adventure 3, they have some new friends in high places – if they can only survive long enough for them to get involved…

After the chaotic events in adventure 4, an attempt on the character's lives opens adventure 5 -`Misjump!'. They are flung off course and have to work out where they are and how they are going to repair their ship. Fortunately the Imperial Navy needs their help and they are able to repay the favour. They also foil some pirates and find some more clues to the big plot. Long-time Traveller players may even briefly
revisit an old friend…

- Neil.