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US List Price: USD $44.95
CDN Equivalent: CDN$ 59.17 Price: CDN$ 41.43
You Save: CDN$ 17.74 (30%)
Does anyone know the retail price for good old Blighty?
But, for those of us who don't like doing e Bus. transactions, and like to support our local businesses (LGS) it is $65 CDN...10 buck more then SG-1. :shock:

Not complaining, it will just be a while before I can get it.
Sure you want to know Sword-Dancer? :wink:

Seriously though some of the prices of game books in general is getting ridiculous.
Still, a US$44.95 list price is cheaper than the US list for the SG-1 book by 5 bucks. Looks like there's a Conan RPG I need to buy.
TechnoLurker said:
Still, a US$44.95 list price is cheaper than the US list for the SG-1 book by 5 bucks. Looks like there's a Conan RPG I need to buy.

Um, well. I paid $55 CDN for SG-1, I just checked the exchange rate, if Conan went on sale today it would be around $59 CDN. So, it is almost 5 bucks more expensive.
LoneStranger said:
Sure you want to know Sword-Dancer? :wink:
No i`m Not sure i want, the 3,5 Ed costs about 30 Euros per Book.
But i need to know, and when it is available
Blighty is a term for Great Britain by the way so the price in Sterling would be appreciated.(Maybe its on the site somewhere but I can only find the price in Colonial currencies :wink: )
Well, the price is a bite for we Canadians, but I've been looking forward to this game ever since I read my first Conan paperback. I'm in regardless. :)

I buy most of my books at my local gaming store (L'Imaginaire in Quebec city, which is also doing e-business). But when I see 30% discounts like can pull off, it's sometimes hard to resist. There seem to be glitches here and there too, just look at that deal :shock: :

Seen recently at :

The Book of Dragons
by Gareth Hanrahan, Vincent Vie

US List Price: USD $19.95
CDN Equivalent: CDN$ 26.26
Our Price: CDN$ 21.01
You Save: CDN$ 5.25 (20%)

Hardcover - 128 pages (November 2003)
Language: English
Mongoose Publishing ISBN: 1904577504

Same ISBN, half page count and half price ! I think this offer will not last long...
something to keep in mind for americans is this; the book prices don't reflect the resident cost of living. so, if i lived in New Zealand and made 12k (american) a year, i'd be doing good by New Zealand standards, but my Conan book would still cost 50 bucks american, but if i lived in the states (and i do) then the 50 bucks is less of a hassle since the american equivalent job would make me 18 k a year.

that's the problem with rpg's, people who order in other countries actually pay a higher price due to both distance and cost of living.
Book prices/page counts on Amazon are often wrong when they are first posted. I believe this has a lot to do with publishers trying to get the offer out there before the product is complete.

That deal you mentioned was sweet. Not too many Mongoose items are on sale on Amazon here in the US. I don't know why that is, I just notice it a lot. For instance, the book you mention has the price corrected now on but is still 30% off. On it is full price. I don't know why this is.

If I could get the Free Shipping on the book from Canada I would buy it there. If the book was still at that ultra low price, I would buy it there now in a heart beat.

But, on that note, I was able to pre-order Conan here at a sweet price. $34.95 + 30% off.
You're right JustaPlayer, since they often got the wrong author(s) and no cover image, which tend to corroborate your guess. When it happens, it's a good idea to preorder with Amazon. I just received the B5 Mimbari Sourcebook for the ridiculous price of 23$ (CAN) ! They have since corrected it but it's still pretty affordable with 30% off :

US List Price: USD $34.95
CDN Equivalent: CDN$ 46.01 Price: CDN$ 32.21
You Save: CDN$ 13.80 (30%)

As much as I like to support my local gaming store (LGS), I would have paid double for the same book. So instead, I bought the Book of Dragons :D

I get Hardcovers sourcebooks for the price of Softcovers, sort of. I still buy about 60% of my RPG stuff at my LGS, though.
Since you are based in Swindon, Toothill, I'm afraid the UK version of Amazon is not that generous. I noticed they offer about 10% saving and they usually put a "not yet available" sign instead of a lower price for sourcebooks that are'nt yet published. :(