book buying advice


i know there have been similar postings, but i have a specific question that, as far as i can tell, has not been answered. so, be nice please.

i am a REH and gaming fan who first noticed your game about a week ago. i thought i was getting a heck of a deal when someone sold me a used copy for $10. it had a broken spine and a corner missing from the last page.
not long after looking at the website and forums, i realised i had been suckered into buying obsolete first edition from someone who had already used the sons of cim. replacement program.
now that you understand your delema, i must ask...
if i bought the pocket edition, would that combined with my 1st edition book contain ALL the information i need to play conan as per the atlant. ed. rules?
as i understand it, the pocket edition contains all of the rules, and lacks ONLY setting info and illustrations. is this true?
i dont want to buy the pocket edition, only to find that im still missing rules on monsers, feats, races, or ANYTHING else. i plan on buying sourcebooks and i would like to have the materials needed to be fully compatible.
i am a perfectionist GM, and i dont want to be buying sorcebooks that refrence pages and rules that i dont have acess to.

thank you for reading my post... a answer (as specific as possible) eiter about what i may be missing, or gaurenteeing i will have what i need would make me very happy.

also, for other people with obsloete detions at home... dont try to trick others into buiying them. thats really a dishonerable way to take advantage of a fellow gamer and REH fan.
Hey dude,

Well, if you're a perfectionist...all I can say is you'll want the
Atlantean Edition.

It's not only the things you have enumerated that have changed,
they have also worked on typos, feat & skill descriptions, & some
other rule re-workings/clarifications. This has resulted in page #
changes, sometimes by several pages.

In saying that, the pocket edition will take care of most of the
above problems, but leaves out some GM specific information.

Hope this helps.

PS & Yeah, whoever suckered you into this deal is SCUM!
thats all i needed to hear. im going to get the atlant. ed. id rather have all the correct DM rules, since im already very impressed by the game. ill just use the first ed. to loan out to my players.
In the mean tiome, check out the errata link in my signature. I'm doing my best to get all the errata recorded, but the COmbat section has been almost entirely re-written to accomodate DV being split into a choice between DOdge Defense or Parry Defense. Everything prior to the Combat sectio nis finished, however. :)