Book and Movie NPC stats


I see that in Road of Kings and Scrolls of Skelos there are a few NPC's listed.

A) is there a plan for mongoose to release a famous Conan NPC book?

B) is there anyone here who has some guesses as to the class and level of some famous Conan characters?
am surprised it will be needed if mongoose are doing there line of conan adventures from the original books would that not be the place to put the stats just a thought.

due to money and famliy was in effect stopping buying any books but again mongoose come and do a line so good everything is a must buy(same with lone wolf) am looking forward to vincents globe trotting adventure and the book series based adventures as well as the adventures from eric and the line seems full of life which is players will love the advanced options and I am looking forward to the beastary and more kingdom guides so bring it on and hand the exspense.
It's probably somthing (A) that's in the works and so the information is proprietary (meaning he can't tell you, you'll just have to wait) or it's (B) something he wants to do but is awaiting liscencing issues to p[an out before spilling any beans on the matter or (C) both of those.