Block War Tweaks


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Finally set aside some time to work on this again!

Thus far (aside from new additions covering models that are/about to come out), we are making the following changes;

No Minions in Mobs may have more than two Hits (thus removing the indestructible wave of Fatties!), and that Heros leading Mobs may not be shot at unless they are the closest model to an attacker - in which case, the shooting attack is carried out normally without the Mob rules (thus removing the indestructible Hero syndrome).

What else would everyone like to see? Speak now, or forever hold your peace!


Weapon costs for Justice Department / East Meg / Brit-Cit please. :D
(Without the appropriate weapon costs, you can't calculate how much a vehicle weapon mount will cost for these gangs).

An adjustment to the "25% remaining" rule for Will to Fight (rulebook pg. 16) for those gangs which started off with less than 4 figures - since in those instances you'll have to 'round up' to the nearest figure rather than 'rounding down'.
Suggest a special rule of 'loner' for Lone Vigilante which means they (and only they) can ignore the 25% rule.

Clarification of the following:
If you're running an Apocalypse War Resistance Unit, can it take vehicles from both "civilian" and "Justice Department" lists ?

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I'll have a look at the above, though I want to leave the Justice Department weapon costins until the Pat Wagons are out.

Just added an 'Easy the Ferg' rule to fergee (for when he really winds up on his club), and Exorcist Judges can now have a go at Dark Judges in spirit form (though they will probably get their brains blown out doing it!).


Couple of "bugs":

Judge DeMarco has Armour Cracker and Critical Shot, despite not having any of the prerequisite talents or a rifle weapon to use them with.

She also has the talent Defensive Fire. What is this, I can't find the rules for it anywhere?

Judge Anderson has Mind Bomb, despite not meeting the prerequisite +6 Will.


Plus a cheeky request: Is there any chance of adding the Pyrokinetic to the mercenary list for Lone Vigilantes? Being able to field the Human Torch would be cool. :)

Da Boss

Played a couple of Games today and some questions suggestions arose:

East Meg Invasion Force:
East Meg Officer seems to be a very poor buy compared to the East Meg Judge - for an extra 25pts you loose: -1 Agility, -1 Melee, daystick, K9 9 sidearm and gain a Laser pistol and a very situational ability that is highly unlikely to be used.
Suggestions: Give the East Meg Office same cost and stats as current EM Judge and make the latter a minion that can be upgraded to a Hero - also means the Never Retreat Ability may come into play.
East Meg Judge then has stats is as Rookie Judge but same equipment /options as current EM Judge, 80pts, can upgrade to a Hero for +50 pts

When you move a Satellat can you move it to any point within 4" - this seemed a bit dodgy as you could move 8"?
At present a Heavy Satellat can't use the Laser Rifle as it doesn't get Special Actions and also can't use it on Alert status if it gets a special rule to fire the Laser Rifle.
Can the Satellat perform Special Actions?

At present the Zombie Mistress seems to be really best sitting at the back with a missile launcher etc - suggesting changing her ability that she auto rolls for any Zombies to come back that were "killed" in last turn if she is within 6" of them.

Also how about a "Running" Zombies buyable option - its too easy to walk away whilst shooting them at present.
You could go down the Res Evil route and have lots of variations on Zombies :)


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I think, one way or another, we have managed to squeeze all those requests/comments in! Feel free to keep any other suggestions coming as I will be adding more to the Famous Firefights chapter this week, and so there is still time to make more changes before we release the update!


A question that came up in discussion tonight:

If a Citi-Def soldier fails his will check after taking a shoot action for his second action in a turn, does that mean that his first action next turn must be a shoot action?

If the answer is yes, what happens if he gets charged in the meantime and starts next turn in melee? Can he choose to take a melee action at that point, or does he have to take a shoot action that will basically do nothing?


Another question. The Slippery talent this time, plus arrests in general.

Block War said:
If the Hero is ever arrested, make an Agility check. If the Hero succeeds, it manages to escape even judicial custody and returns to his force as normal.

This caught my eye, and it's got me thinking about the rules for arrests in general. Reading between the lines, this seems to indicate that models that are arrested would normally be removed from the force. There are no rules for this in either set of campaign rules, so up to now we've just been treating an arrest the same way we'd treat an injury. Is this correct?

How exactly are arrested heroes normally treated? And arrested minions for that matter? Are the rules different between the 2 campaign systems?


Can I get some clarification on how the Trans-Dime power Summon Demonic Entity psi power works (when you use it with non-cabal gangs)? Can you keep trying to summon new entities after the first since the entities are not paid for in the crew (so long as you have the psi)? and can you use other gang members as 'cultists' when rolling on the on the summoning table? in general, do demonic entities 'blink out of existence' at the end of the game or if they are not killed may they become heroes after 5 games?