(Block war) mobs clarification?


I'm having a bit of a comprehension problem here, the sentence runs a bit long and I don't quite know what is being said.
Being Shot At
Mobs are attacked in the same way as single models, with one Minion removed from the Mob every time a number of Hits is scored equal to the Hits of the Minions to a maximum of one model per Shooting Dice. These Hits must be scored in a single attack, and ‘spare’ hits are not recorded or carried over into other attacks.
The closest modes in the Mob to the attacker will be removed as a casualty first, then the next closest, and so on.

Can somebody please post an example?

Also, spelling error in model.
The way it is worded suggests that more than one minion in a mob may be removed as a casualty from a shooting attack if there are enough hits.


"with one Minion removed from the Mob every time a number of Hits is scored equal to the Hits of the Minions to a maximum of one model per Shooting Dice"

Makes it sound like, if shooting at a mob of six minions which have one hit each, you must make six hits in order to remove any of them. Like, if you do five hits, no casualties, if you do six hits, six casualties.

However it works my next question is how do you roll armour for them, one armour roll for the mob which is either a pass, nobody hurt or a fail, remove that many casualties?
Make armour roll for the first guy for the first hit, if he fails it remove him and roll the next hit on the next guy? if you roll each hit as a seperate armour roll, do you keep rolling each hit on the first guy until he dies then move onto the next guy or do you assign hit dice to each model from closest to farthest?
"Equal to the hits of the minions" means equal to the hits of an individual minion. If you have six minions with 1 hit each and you get 5 hits with 1 damage each you would remove 5 minions. On the other hand, if it was a mob of fatties with 6 hits each and you did 5 hits of damage it would have no effect and the wasted hits are lost.

You would make a separate armour roll against each shot that hits, exactly as if the target was a single model. Since the whole mob has the same armour you can make all the rolls simultaneously, then apply whatever damage is left over.

"Maximum of one model per shooting dice" is a little less clear. Does it mean just the shooting dice that hit or the total that were rolled? For example, I fire a standard execution round (3D, 2 damage) at the same mob of 6 1-hit minions. 2 shots hit, causing a total of 4 damage. Can I remove 3 minions (it was a 3 dice attack) or just 2 (only 2 shots actually hit)? I don't know the answer to this one.
I read that as a mechanism to avoid having to track and allocate hits to models between turns. meaning, no wound counters are needed. You have to kill whole models with every action of shooting or nothing happens.

The one model per hit to me just means that weapons that deal more than one hit are still limited to killing one model as they would have if targeting a single model.

Using the fatties as an example if you do 5 hits, nothing happens. Six hits and a fattie dies. 7 hits and one fattie dies with the remaining hit being lost. My big laser deals 13 hits and it would only kill one fattie. Jimmy next to you was rendered to smoking boots by the laser strike. Makes a League of Fatties food riot mob seem almost unstoppable.