Blister or Blaster?

Blister or Blaster?

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  • too hard to decide, so I'll go with firefries

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what do you guys think is better, Blister or blaster? Blasters have the range and flame, but less damage. they also explode when they die. Blisters have less range, more damage, and piercing/1. I was just wondering which ones that you guys thought were better.

Brett Hartt
They fill different rolls, It's almost like comparing a grenade with a sniper rifle or a pistol. From what I've read in the rules, I may choose blasters first just because of their longer range.
probably the blaster as it has the range but i will need a few blisters o deal with the big stuff. probably do 1 blister for every 2 blasters.
dyssnowman said:
Blasters are tempting due to the range, but it is hard to turn your back on the d10 damage for the blister.

this is true, but the d6+1 kills of normal MI like flies. And they get no cover saves either!!! It's cruel! :(

Well, I am going to ge them both, and for playing, a little more blaster then blister. Try taking out a few MI with the blasters and the hoppers before sending in the blisters, along with a few warroirs and fireflies. Should get the job done. ( not taking into account the big boys)