Big B5 Supplement Wish List


What B5 supplement do you really want to see released by Mongoose. This thread is the big wish list of B5 supplements.

The wishes should be something that hasn't been announced yet - so Technomages, Rangers, PsiCorp, Narn, the Advanced Space Combat Box and the Companion are all disqualified cause we know they are due out at some point.

Here are mine:

EarthForce Intelligence Manual - basically a guide to espinoage and cloak&dagger operations in the Babylon 5 universe. Basically detailing how each of the major races get its intelligence, the racial espionage agencies and their m.o. and gadgets, as well as all the major secret societies and movements for change in known space.

The Privateers Guide - a book on everything you need to be a freetbooter in Babylon 5. Guides to where to find work, the general wages paid to freebooters, and expanded list of prices for services. A Guide to various private starships and rules to upgrade starships with "somethings extra" (guns, etc). Also details on the major intersteller corporations and agencies that might be interesting in hiring freelancers, as well as a greatly expanded Workers class - combining and expanding on the supplemental occupation information available free on the site.

Historical Sourcebook - a hardcover dealing with various major events in the Babylon 5 universe which we otherwise won't see in detail (such as events that occured in Babylon 5 and its associated properties, which will likely make it into sourcebooks on their own). Things like the Dilgar Invasion, the Original Shadow War, the height of the Centauri Republic, etc. Details such as vehicles, prestige classes, and info on playing campaigns in these various time periods.

"Jane's Guide to Vehicles" - a book that would have pictures and stats for all the major ships and land vehicles in the B5 universe. Notice I put emphisis on having pictures with the stats :wink:
I would like to see information on the First Ones to compliment the upcoming Vorlons and Shadows book. I would also like to see a book about the characters in the series with there stat's. Not just the main characters, but the minor ones, as many of them as possible
I'd have to agree with Tegman "The Privateers Guide" and "Jane's Guide to Vehicles" are the two that I'd like to see.

Another for vehicle guide, privateer guide And historical sourcebook - though I realize that the vehicle guide will be loong time in coming if at all, since by now they just do not have enough CGI or ship stats to make it worthwhile - yet.

And let me add my favorite dreams:

Space Atlas - an book with not only a nice hyperspace route map (maybe several, showing how the political boundaries change through time, and where/when routes are disabled/established - but that could also go into a "Historical Sourcebook"), but also system maps of every star on it - I want to know how many planets, with how many moons, where are asteroid belts to hide, where are navigational hazards to avoid, and where are space stations to dock with, that sort of thing. Oh and of course sun size and class, very small info piece on every planet & moon, etc.

Hyperspace Map Poster - I really want a non-political version of the map as poster for my wall!

B5 Travellers Guide - an "player character basic knowledge" supplement for all stuff in the B5 universe. One page per race, with a picture of that race (very important for people who haven't seen B5, or for the races like the Grome or Hurr that not everyone recognizes - and of coursefor those races that are just a name on the map, and the yet unnamed aliens in the background of the show), official information (the stuff a PC could get from an library computer) propaganda (the stuff he'd hear from their ambassador) and rumors (the stuff he'd hear elsewhere).
For campaigns to continue after the 5 years of B5, the Drakh and other Shadow Allies would be a good book for villians.

Might be a good one for the first five years as well.
Jane's Guide to Vehicles would definitely work, in fact I can see versions for ships and for army vehicles. The Earthforce Intel book would also be good but it should be adapted more for everyone else. The Space Atlas would be great for quite a few military and/or "independent contractor" games. The Travellers guide would be a godsend for a couple of the players in the group I'm in right now, they could really use it and I wouldn't mind seeing it myself. Also the Privateer book does sound good and that one should include rules for Q-ships and the like.

Other than the books about each of the races, the Techno-mage book, and the B5 Companion that's all I can think of wanting to see.
Amen to all that has been said !

I'd also like to get a "GM guide/story arcs compendium" kind of book. Since Babylon 5 is so centered on storytelling, character development and over-arcing plots, elaborating a good story is the main source of headaches for me. I know "Fiery Trial" is great in that regard, and I'm happy they talked Agent One into producing a similar book for season 2 (well I hope it's still in the pipeline), but I'd like a compedium of tips on how to manage a good story arc. Compared to other settings that I GM (Star Wars, Feng Shui, D&D), I find it a little intimidating to produce a story half as good as the show itself, thanks to the genius of JMS... My players are all fans of the show, so I can feel the pressure (Guess I'll have to go and find players who know nothing about B5, then :) ).

But that is just me, as I'm more focused on storytelling than techy stuff, although I wouldn't mind for more of the latter. Oh, and yes, bring more pics, especially for vehicles and races...
Space atlas :shock: How on <insert planet name here> could I miss that one, that's something I would love to have *drooool*
now that ShadowScout wished it aloud, I HAVE to have the Space Atlas,
Hyperspace Map Poster, B5 Travellers Guide too!
Sorta hard to have a GM screen when the books are still being printed they would need to make reference too . . . :) Sorta need page numbers, and charts that aren't printed yet.

Wanting A GM screen and understanding why we don't have one yet,
I'm guessing that the screen will be scheduled shortly after the Compainion and Advanced Space Combat Set, or possibly after the companion with the ASCS having a seperate reference card, ala GW games
psyclonejack said:
Sorta hard to have a GM screen when the books are still being printed they would need to make reference too...
I know, that's why I said I'd like to eventually have one. Since the Companion have been delayed until much later apparently, I guess sometime after that would be a fine timing for a GM Screen. But I agree that later is better than earlier in that case. As long as I get a good one, I can withstand the wait... :)
Enlightened Bystander said:
I'm guessing that the screen will be scheduled shortly after the Compainion and Advanced Space Combat Set, or possibly after the companion with the ASCS having a seperate reference card, ala GW games
Yes, that model would be fine by me. Since not every roleplayer will go with the Advanced Space Combat Box Set, I think it's best to keep it separated.
I'd go for the "Intelligence and Cloak & Dagger" of the B5 universe and the "Privateer's Guide" idea.

Something to flesh out the more "public/private" type ships for all those surveyors and space bums that like to go wandering around the galaxy would be a help.. Not everyones going to be military or corporation.

The other idea which I havent heard or seen anything about yet, would be a Telepath specific sourcebook. I've heard Earth Alliance has a whole stash for Psi-Corp, but what about the other races and how they handle Telepathy? The Minbari Fact book seemed to skip over any real detail on what they're Telepaths are like..
I'm just hoping for a book with stats from A call to Arms (the movie which started the Crusade series) and Legend of the Rangers as well as the Legion of Fire novels. Also, the stats for Babylon 4 would also be cool.