BF Evo: The Disorder Wars


Reading through the SST RPG info, seems like The Disorders would be a neat setting for a near future conflict. Since it takes place in 2040s, it could be based on BF Evolution, even use alot of the same models. Produce a campaign book with new factions (Anglo-Russio Alliance , European Alliance, Chinese Hegemony, and perhaps a few minor players). Introduce some stats for upgraded versions of the standard BF Evo models (an M1-A6 or something), and a few all new models to go specifically with this setting. Perhaps even make a few very crude prototypes of walker suits (predacessors to the Marauder Suits), and maybe even armored NBC suits (predecessors to the CAP Trooper Power Armor suits).

The Disorders seem to have alot of potential, and it's pretty open so far the way the history written out in the SST sourcebooks.
I suppose that some of the existing BF Evo models could be reused, simply just painted differently, with a different logo and boxed with some different graphics like "Battlefield Evolution: Disorder Wars!". It would appeal to SST fans as well as modern to near/future sci fi wargamers.