battlestar galactica min

here is the battlestar galactica model next two a omega class it cost some thing like £50 and had to get it from the us,


i got it from really good site plus ace costomer service,
i just need to come up with some stats and try and find some vipers,
also the detail is out of this world
its resin, i wont to play with it but i wont to come up with some really good stats one that over plays will not think is over the top but still make it really good,
so far i have scaned the warlock page on sfos and deleled the warlock stats and picture, the battlestar come with a ace picture so i put that in and a bit of a story line something like its a really rare earth force ship or something.
so if any one wonts to say what it should have should not have how many fligths and stuff please do, the one thing i wont is it to be armagedon level,

and why not some rules for nukes. :twisted:
Really very good. Well done and the model is very nice to. There is one of these up for sale on e-bay (uk) at the moment. Consdiering the price tag though it would have to be an Armageddon level ship.
the site is interesting, its got a large Nova, White Star, Shadow Ship and Omega kit along with various other stuff including the Planet Express Ship. Well worth a look!