Battlefield Evolution...more information please.


I've read through all of the SST Evo threads, and have gathers a few nuggets of information about Battlefield Evolution. When can we expect some comprehensive information about this game? I'd really like to see the scope of it, and some of the mini's.

BTW, I'm really impressed with the Pre-painted direction for the Evo games. Hope other companies follow suit.

Lost in WV.
msprange said:
We'll have some info for you (and some more miniatures!) very, very soon. . .

Good. I believe we should be seeing a new S&P very soon also, right? Is this where the information will be contained? Also when can we get a BFevo Forum? Lastly will the MI be demoing BFevo? If so I need to rejoin!

Lost in WV.
I would also need to rejoin, assuming i will have enough time.

I've been doing one hell of a lot of ultra-modern lately (both in 28 and 1/285th) so this fits right in with my current gaming phase.
Cant wait to see some infantry. I have been posting on all the Rackham sites about how appalling their AT-43 pre-paints are in comparison. Whateseven funnier, is that they will probably cost more.

If you go on tabletop gaming news, its there.

*edit* the pics of the pre-paints are there. Don't be fooled by the re-paints done by their studio which look amazing :p.
I would like to know if Battlefield evolution comes in some kind of boxed set in january?

It would be nice to have somekind of bigger and propably more cost effective way to start gaming in new miniature game.

And is it still secret information which armies it would come out?

look around the SST forum.

I think they said something about April time, and the forces are (pretty much)
Americans, British, Chinese and Middle Eastern.