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I think someone mentioned it before on the SST board but it got lost in all the pages of comments. Is there any chance of having a separate Battlefield Evotion forum set up? Like the Conan one: to discuss the forthcoming release.


now that's bizarre!

I was replying to Dredd's post about scenery in the B:Evo forum and when I clicked submit the forum had vanished! :shock:
msprange said:
That would be the stealth technology of the near future. . .

Somehow this reminds me of a past airshow I attended where the announcer said that we were going to get an immediate flyby of the F-117 Stealth fighter any minute. I leaned over to my brother and said "he's going to say in a few seconds "Well, do you want to see it again?" and just about then the announcer said nearly the same phrase :wink: . We were treated to a real fly-by a few minutes later, after the humorous 'boos' from the crowd had subsided.
Kristovich said:
Anyhow's, where are the prewievs? Did I miss 'em?

There haven't been any previews other than the ones in S&P 36 and the posts Matthew has made in various places on the existing forums, so no you haven't missed anything (unless you haven't read S&P 36 ;) )