Batrep(ish) and preliminary thoughts on carrier force


So, played game #2 tonight, and used the force I recently ordered - a Poseidon with 6 T-Bolts and 10 Starfuries, and two Hyperion variants; I decided to try the railguns for starters.

The game was, shall we say, a learning experience. 5p Raid, opponent played Centauri, and had 2 Maximus, 2 Altairin, and 2 others, I think either Mograth or Dargan. Table was 4x6, three small planets.

Turn one was uneventfull. My game plan was to try and take out his Maximus with my Hyperion variants, then close in with the fighters. I moved toward the cover of the planet, and concentrated my hyperions, hoping to draw off his fighters and Maximus(es). He followed, no shooting turn one.

Turn two, the fleets closed, I pushed up a Hyperion into weapons range, while the second closed just outside of it. I fired at his closest Maximus, missing with all shots. He closed on the Hyperion with the bulk of his fleet, and returned fire, heavy on beams, damn near crippling my ship.

Turn three was nasty. By this point, I'd tied up his sentri flights with auroras, and had moved my t-bolts into position to swarm his flanks, supported by laods of starfuries. He won initiative, concentrated his fleet, and ripped apart both Hyperions, as well as managing to take out most of my fighters. What little return damage the surviving fighters caused was easily absorbed, and the start of turn four saw his essentially undamaged fleet close in on the poseidon. While I was lucky on my recovery rolls, I was left with little in the way of options. By the end of turn 4, the Poseidon had lost all movement to criticals, and we called the game.

So, lessons learned. First, while the advantages ofered by the Poseidon are significant, taking one at Raid priority starves the fleet of needed firepower. Second, while fighter can serve mulitple uses, as the main strike arm of the fleet, they are wanting. Third, Hyperions are astonishingly fragile to beam weapons, or concentrated firepower in general. Putting a relatively close range weapon on their hull does not seem to do much. Fourth, the Poseidon would likely be a more effective addition to a fleet that already has considerable firepower and fighter presence, magnifying the existing fighter wing, and granting air superiority.

While I've not yet given up hope on a fighter-heavy force, I'm reconsidering composition.

Other things to think about. Ships are much more fragile than I realized. My only other game was using Minbari, and I found the ships were far more surviveable, presumeably due to stealth. The vulnerability of my Hyperions to beam weapons caught me off guard, and I'm going to have to consider ways of countering it. Hull 5 just doesn't seem to cut it against the range of firepower my opponent was able to bring to bear. Learning how to effectively break up an opponent, denying the ability to concentrate fire, will be a priority.

Despite having my butt handed to me in a basket, it was an interesting game. I'd love to find a way to salvage my dream of a carrier fleet, but I suspect the P. really is only viable in bigger games. More experimentation to follow.

Interesting Bat-rep. The Poseidon is a personal favorite of mine if only for the aesthetic of the mini.

I'm sure you know, Armageddon will change fighers so they fire first. It'd be interesting to see the same game played with that change. I think it will make quite a difference. But yeah, the Poseidon is a real dog if caught without significant escorts and heavy hitters to supplement firepower.
Thanks for the Info. I'm waiting for my ACTA boxed set to show up, but I have been playing different compositions in my mind. I thought of a Carrier fleet as well. Will be interesting to see how the Armageddon changes effect it.

Thanks again for the post. Maybe pics next time?

I for one would be less than inclined to take a Poseidon at anything less than a 6 pt War Fleet, that way there are enough ships to draw enemy fire away from it.

The changes to aux craft and the Poseidon in Armageddon should make it a considerably more viable choice. I'll have to try it next time I take EA out for a spin :D
As an alternative to taking a dedicated EA carrier at 5 point raid level, have you considered the ships which carry several figher flights themselves but that also are good survivable ships or good line ships?

Try a couple of Nova's and an Explorer (which is a VERY underrated ship) which will give you plenty of firepower and survivability, a command bonus and a lot of fighters, and still leave you a couple of points for adding better range or more nova's.
You can always use an Avenger at lower PLs; works pretty much like half a Poseidon carrier-wise, and leaves room for more firepower (e.g. Nova - includes 4 flights of fighters)
The craziest fleet i have been thinking of....

5 Poseidons...... 80 Starfuries FTW!!!!!

But i might get two of the poseidon box sets for my fleet anyway. Fighter galore. (I know its not a good idea, but what the heck ^^)
All the older EA ships tend to have problems with beam equipped foes, not just Hyperions. You should generally use the Close Blast Doors SA against them. I'd take the standard Hyperion over the railgun or missile variant as the laser makes it more effective against heavily armoured or interceptor equipped ships. And I'd suggest taking a couple of Omegas over the Poseidon (I think it's War level?) since the carrier has pretty limited offensive capability. Fighters really need to stay out of anti-fighter range to survive, although you'll find that since most AF guns have the weak trait Thunderbolts do alright. Against great dogfighters like Sentris (and Nials) Thunderbolts need to be escorted. Auroras should try to gang up on them where possible. This is one of the areas where campaign games come into there own as high CQs can reduce or eliminate the difference in dogfighting capability.
Even for campaign games ? I suppose it'll make play more steamlined since you won't have to look up which fighter has which CQ. Although I understand that the Starfuries will now have the tournament dogfight scores of +2 and Thunderbolts +1 which will give them a fair chance against the more powerful fighters.
yep even for campaign games which is what makes ISA whitestar fighters and nials so powerful when backed up by a WS carrier as their effective dogfight value is 5.
For "so powerful" read "unfairly advantaged."

For an EA carrier fleet at 5 point raid, look at the Avenger. 8 flights of fighters, fleet carrier and it can clear its bays in two turns. Uses 2 of your 5 points, but you can still get a few more ships in around it. Take a Nova and you get 4 more flights, then maybe a Hyperion for some firepower and another fighter flight. Split the last point on Olympus corvettes or Artemis frigates.
Don't know anything about WS fighters yet, but remember that Nials have far fewer flights per wing than others. Of course that won't be a factor if your opponent has Morshins or Sharlins.
Compare the Morshin and the Avenhger.

Same number of Fighter flights. But Nials are decidely more deadly than any combination of Auroras and T-Bolts i can think of.

Morshion has Stealth and some nice weapons. Minibeams protect it against fighter worries.
Avenger gets only some nice weapons.....
Interesting thing about the Morshin: In the Online shop, when you view prices in dollars, the Morshin is actually cheaper when you order just the bits (the hull and the stand) as when you order the whole thing (8.95$ compared to 7,75$ + 0,50$). Yes, it´s a little off-topic, but interesting nonetheless...
Voronesh said:
Compare the Morshin and the Avenhger.

Same number of Fighter flights. But Nials are decidely more deadly than any combination of Auroras and T-Bolts i can think of.

Morshion has Stealth and some nice weapons. Minibeams protect it against fighter worries.
Avenger gets only some nice weapons.....

Mini-beams don't have any special anti-fighter applications, you realise?
Lord David the Denied said:
So it does. I need new glasses, I think...

Dont worry mate, at least you did not insist that your interceptors could be used against Beams. Like one forum member, said to Burger at a Tourney :lol: