Basic and Advanced Spells


As I'm a proud owner of the warts & all first edition of Conan the RPG, I've noticed a number of errors, typo's, problems etc. One such issue is Advanced Spells. Are Advanced spells though that are not basic spells for each of the various sorcery styles (it is said that advanced spells would be explained in the Sorcery section, and they aren't)? If so, what spells are characters granted via the Bonus Spell modifier from their intelligence?
Basic spells are the spells you get "for free" when you learn a new sorcery style. All other spells are advanced spells.

The bonus spells you get from a high Int are advanced spells (they must of course come from a sorcery style you already know).

Hope that helps.
Don't worry, it says the same thing in the AE but ther's not a further explanation. I just guessed that's what it meant: that anything but the free first spell gained in a style were the advanced spells.

Also, check here for corrections betwee the original edition and the AE. I'm compiling, slowly but surely, however I've just had to dodge a hurricane down here that's delayed me for about a week. ;)

More to come on that errata soon...